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When people shop for a home, the neighborhood it’s in plays a big factor. To attract buyers looking in your area, remember to advertise locally and digitally. Here are five unique ways to market your open house locally and draw a bigger crowd.

Use the Right Social Media Tools

Social media is no longer optional for any marketing, and advertising an open house event is no different. Make use of all the features that can benefit you, such as geotagging, going live, and posting countdowns in stories so that your audience can engage with the home and agents before the open house begins.

Don’t Forget the Neighbors

Though it seems strange to advertise to existing homeowners, the people around the property you’re selling have a relationship with the area and a fondness for the neighborhood itself. If they know a property is available, they can tell family, friends, and even co-workers about it. Don’t skip out on this fantastic word-of-mouth marketing opportunity.

Spend Time With Small Businesses

An easy way to garner interest in your property while staying local is to look for coffee shops and small stores with community boards. Many small stores allow you to hang flyers without any fuss. This is especially true for sellers near Arizona State or other universities in the area where graduates are looking to become homeowners.

Just ensure that your flyer shows your property’s best side and includes online listings or Realtor contact information.

Add Incentives for Visitors

It’s increasingly common to inspect a property online until you’re nearly certain it’s one you want. Passing through every open house is too time-consuming, and homebuyers have many properties in mind.

Incentivize visitors by hiring a local food truck or showcasing a local artist in the home. Creating an experience beyond interacting with the host will give people a reason to visit and breathe life into the property.

Consider Mailbox Marketing

One unique way to market your open house locally is to take advantage of the daily mail. The USPS makes it easy to choose the streets you would like to advertise to and send direct mail along that postal route. This way, the neighborhoods around you will know your home is available without any question.

Remember, it is illegal to personally place flyers in the mail or hang posters on mailboxes. If you want to skip working with the post office, there’s no shame in going door-to-door!

It’s important to remember that how you market your open house has as much of an impact on the property’s perceived personality as the staging and hosting. Casual properties suit a fun, community atmosphere, but luxury properties have a different set of marketing needs. Be realistic about the families your home and neighborhood are best suited for and use that knowledge to your advantage.