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A clean kitchen is essential for ensuring that your meals are safe to eat. You may also find that it’s the quickest room to get messy in your house, and it can be challenging to keep it tidy. Look below to find the best advice for keeping your kitchen clean.

Clean While You Cook

Instead of waiting to clean up messes all at once after you’ve made a meal, you can spruce things up during downtime. Waiting for the oven to heat up or for water to boil gives you plenty of time to wipe down spills and organize dishes during prep. Doing a little bit here and there can significantly cut down on your cleaning time after you cook.

Do a Little Organizing

You can find everything you need to cook much faster if you’ve got an organizational system in place. Instead of haphazardly shoving all your plastic containers in your kitchen cabinets, use a divider to separate them by lid and container size. You can do the same thing for your pots and pans by using hooks to hang them near your oven for convenient grabbing.

Use Proper Dishwasher Practices

Keeping your dishware as clean as possible using your dishwasher is essential for both aesthetics and hygiene. You should ensure your rinse aid reservoir is full and avoid presoaking your dishes. Clean your dishwasher regularly with vinegar to guarantee the best possible performance. Pay attention to signs that you need to repair or replace your dishwasher, especially if you find that plates and utensils are consistently coming out dirty.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

It’s tough to find the time or the motivation to clean your entire kitchen at once. Instead, you can make life easier by creating a set schedule for different tasks. For example, Tuesdays might be when you sweep and mop your floors while you scrub and wipe down your stove on Thursdays.

The best advice for keeping your kitchen clean is to focus on one part at a time. You can suddenly feel overwhelmed when you think you must do everything at once, but breaking up your tasks into chunks makes things much more manageable.