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From Cedrick Phillips’ struggles comes a new business to Racine. After being incarcerated, he struggled to find employment. He took matters into his own hands and now Phillips is paving a path for himself. In May of 2020, Keys 2 Credit Financial Solutions opened.

“I gave it a chance to create something. I had to learn the hard way. I had a credit score of 678 before I was incarcerated. I got out with a 387 credit score. I couldn’t even borrow advice if I wanted to,” says Phillips.

Keys 2 Credit Financial Solutions seeks to help reach a greater financial literacy and understanding in Racine. Phillips is especially interested in assisting those who are low-income, minorities & citizens with ITIN numbers.

Phillips says he’s “creating a service that helped me after I gave a criminal lifestyle up to better my finances for me and my son.”

Black Business Owner

Certified Credit Repair Specialist

Keys 2 Credit Financial Solutions has a mission to teach others to stay ahead of the game. As a black business owner, Phillips finds motivation to help others. “Having Racine be labeled the third worst city for blacks is why my mission is strong,” says the CEO.

Board Certified Credit Consultant

Phillips is 30 Credits away from his Graphic Communications degree & certification in Photography from Gateway Technical College. With his shift in careers, he plans to go back to school for Marketing communications.

“A new passion hit me,” says Phillips. He is now a Certified Credit Repair Specialist and Board Certified Credit Consultant.

Services Offered

Helping others leverage credit and teaching clients how to gain and maintain financial freedom are just a few examples of what Keys 2 Credit Financial Solutions can do. Educating people on how to use credit to become homeowners is also a high priority for Phillips and his team. He has one virtual assistant and an employee for printing.

In addition, they offer:

  • Financial Planning
  • Credit Restoration
  • Business Entity Formation
  • Business Credit
  • Coaching Debt Negotiation
  • Credit Rebuilding
  • Credit Analysis

Contact Cedrick

Keys 2 Credit Financial Solutions’ website offers additional information. “Like” Keys 2 Credit Financial Solutions on Facebook to stay up to date with their offers.

Connect with Cedrick:

  • Call (262) 999-7332
  • Email
  • Visit their current location, 8032 22nd Ave, Kenosha 53143

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