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RACINE – The public input session, focusing on revitalizing Lakeview Park, will be hosted via Zoom by Payne & Frazier Consultants starting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 15. Department of City Development staff and representatives of F Street Development will be present. Community members can register to participate in the session by clicking on the button below, or by visiting Payne & Frazier Consultants’ website.

After registering, community members will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link and password. Event reminders will be sent out one week, three days, and one day from the session.

Lakeview Park, 201 Goold St., is a 5-acre site that includes an outdoor basketball court, tennis courts and a baseball diamond. Its parking lot is frequently used by summer visitors to nearby Zoo Beach. The park is bounded by North Main Street, Goold Street, Michigan Boulevard and a paved alley.

A fire in September 2019 heavily damaged the community center building on the property.

In October of this year, the Racine Common Council voted unanimously to authorize city staff to sign a one-year planning agreement with developer F Street Development Group of Milwaukee and architect RINKA to study and present possible options, which could incorporate private investment such as residential housing to help pay for the new public improvements.

“Since the fire at Lakeview Park, the City of Racine has hoped to reimagine and revitalize Lakeview Park to include better public community center space with new outdoor amenities to serve the beach and neighborhood. The City’s goal is to reinvigorate Lakeview Park to be better utilized by the community,” the City stated in a news release issued Monday.

Residents’ Input Sought at Public Input Session

The upcoming session is intended to give the Department of City Development and the developer input from neighborhood residents as to what amenities and features they would like to see at the park to better inform their planning.

“This is the beginning of a potentially year-long process to study the possibilities and the financial feasibility of making a significant investment in Lakeview Park. We are working with a skilled developer who can help us envision a true public-private partnership. Our hope is that we can improve public amenities, build better community space, and make the park more accessible and inviting to everyone looking to enjoy the lakefront,” Bill Bowers, Director of City Development, said in a news release.

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