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KENOSHA, WI – The Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) announced that it has received a grant from SC Johnson that will support the Pollinator Patch Program at Bose Elementary School in Kenosha.

A 1,000-square-foot Pollinator Patch will be installed at Bose Elementary School with the $5,600 grant. Scheduled to begin in March 2022, the patch offers opportunities for student learning in a living, outdoor classroom on school property. The project includes working with Bose educators to incorporate curriculum implementation directly into the site preparation and design.

“Pollinator Patches provide a variety of ecosystem benefits,” said a spokesperson in a news release, “from stormwater infiltration and reintroduction of native habitat to urban heat island relief. These patches recreate essential habitat necessary for the survival of the federally endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bee as well as many other native pollinators.”

Aside from the extensive learning opportunities offered to students, faculty and neighbors through Pollinator Patches, these areas also serve as a functional neighborhood green space.

“Root-Pike WIN is grateful to SC Johnson for their support of the Pollinator Patch Program. When this project comes to fruition, the result will be a vital, living legacy that enhances, strengthens, and supports climate change resilience and quality of life for this underserved Kenosha community,” said program manager Nan Calvert. “Our hope, our goal is that the students of Bose and the people of this neighborhood will regard this project as a valuable feature in their neighborhood.”

Likewise, Bose Principal Susan Mozinski added, “I hope this project will inspire the next generation of environmental stewards and make Bose Elementary School a flagship for other schools to emulate. With Root-Pike WIN’s guidance, I feel confident that we can make that come to fruition.”

Both Principal Mozinski and Regional Coordinator of Elementary School Leadership, Wendy Tindall, made a joint statement expressing that, “Bose Elementary School is eager to partner with the Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network to bring this educational experience to our student community through the many unique opportunities this project offers. Under the guidance of our student leaders, we look forward to accessing the Pollinator Patch Program in a variety of ways and are excited to see where this partnership leads us in the future.”

About Root-Pike WIN

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit that restores, protects, and sustains the Root-Pike basin by building partnerships to advance projects that benefit some of the most degraded watersheds in Wisconsin.