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Now that it’s starting to get colder out, outdoor activities are becoming more difficult. If you have a workshop out in your garage and wish to use it even when it starts getting cold out, simply follow these tips on how to get your garage workshop ready for winter.

Declutter Your Fall Tools

As you’re preparing for winter, take the opportunity to sort, organize, and declutter your garage workshop. Once the temperatures drop and snow starts to blanket the ground, you’ll no longer need a lot of your outdoor fall equipment for the season, so store these away to make more room. This allows you to make room in your garage for shovels, heaters, snowblowers, and more wintertime equipment. You also want to keep your garage decluttered so that critters and pests have fewer hiding places when they inevitably try to batten down for the winter.

Install a Heater

If you wish to use your garage workshop year-round, you’re going to need a heat source during the winter when the temperatures start to drop. If you use your garage workshop professionally, you might even want to consider installing an electric heater directly into the wall. An electric heater will provide your workspace with consistent warmth, and you won’t have to deal with situating a space heater every time you enter. However, if you only use your garage workshop occasionally throughout the winter, a space heater is the best option in terms of cost-efficiency. Just remember to consider your countertop and workbench materials before setting a heater directly on top to minimize fire hazards.

Insulate Your Garage

Now that your workshop is heated, you want to make sure that none of that precious heat escapes by insulating your garage. If your garage is older, it could potentially have some gaps or cracks in the garage door, floor, or previous insulation that need repairing. Use spray foam or caulking to repair any cracks or gaps that are letting in drafts. If your garage is not yet insulated, contact your local insulation contractor to get your insulation squared away before winter. Your garage will be more eco-friendly and energy-efficient with the added insulation.

As long as you follow these tips for how to get your garage workshop ready for winter, you’ll be able to enjoy your workspace year-round, even when it starts to get cold.