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As we kiss 2021 goodbye and look forward to ringing in the new year, here are five things you can do to celebrate. With COVID-19 cases rising due to the Omicron variant it is important to find safe and enjoyable things to do at home.

The holidays are a time to celebrate and spend time with the ones you love. However, this season of life looks different once again due to the pandemic. The State of Wisconsin issued a Public Health Advisory about the Omicron Variant encouraging people to be smart about their holiday plans. DHS calls upon Wisconsinites to take immediate action to prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

There’s no denying that people want to have fun on New Year’s Eve. After this past year, just surviving 2021 and making it to 2022 is something to celebrate. Carry good fortune and health into 2022 by laying low and finding something fun to do at home. Here are some ideas that you can try:

1. Game Night

Games nights are fun for people of all ages. Whether you are choosing to have a smaller gathering or planning on hosting a party over Zoom, spend time on New Year’s Eve playing a new game.

Want to spice things up? Read 5 Fun Games to Play on New Year’s Eve, including a few that can be played both in-person and virtually, on the Racine County Eye.

2. Set Intentions

By now you are probably thinking about what your resolutions for the new year are going to be. Time and time again we hear people rattling resolutions off that aren’t valuable or ones that won’t make or break a person. Far too often people want to join a gym, lose weight, find true love, live a stress-free life, or even take more vacations.

These all sound nice on paper, but are they always realistic? Setting intentions rather than making resolutions allows you the grace to grow. You set an intention to do something, complete something or become something. This gives you a positive experience rather than being put into a strict situation.

Instead of saying that you’ll commit to joining a gym, try exercises at home or take advantage of the outdoors. Be conscious of making a healthier lifestyle rather than predetermining a certain weight or image that you should look like.

That goes for any intention that you are setting. Keep in mind that life happens and understand that intentions are things you want to achieve, but if it doesn’t happen, it’s nothing to fret about.

3. Take a Virtual Class

Don’t want to deal with an open bar or crowded dance floor? A virtual class might be for you. Check Facebook to see what virtual events may be going on. Eventbrite is a great resource to use to find different events happening near you as well.

Tailor your preferences to the time and area that you desire.

4. Make Cocktails for Toasts

Leading up to midnight you’ll want something to do. Perhaps making cocktails is a good way to kill time. You can experiment by making drinks that you’ve never made before. Maybe make a competition out of it with your guests.

Not a drinker? Make mocktails this New Year’s Eve. You can still ring in the new year without the alcohol. On the topic of alcohol, maybe you are someone who is looking to stop drinking or wants to eliminate it this coming new year. Read Planning for an Alcohol-Free New Year’s Celebration on the Racine County Eye.

5. Stream The Ron Purtee Show’s New Year’s Eve Special

Local personality, writer and comedian Ron Purtee is encouraging people to stay home this holiday season by hosting a New Year’s Eve Special. The Ron Purtee Show is an online platform that hosts different forms of entertainment including interviews, short films, and sketches.

This New Year’s Eve he’s hosting a show that will feature various artists and actors, including:

  • Carnage The Executioner
  • Sleepersound
  • Annalise Curtain
  • Vile bees
  • Dead Finger
  • Comedian Kyle Lewis
  • Ron Purtee

This collaboration of entertainment is bound to be tons of fun for the 18-years-plus crowd. The special will begin on Dec. 31, 2021, at 11 p.m. EST, and will end shortly after midnight. He is, however, reserving the right to extend his special longer if the viewing audience is still going strong into 2022.

“2021 is coming to an end,” says the local legend. “Let’s send it out with a bang before something else bad happens. Let’s ring in 2022 with a bang the way that Uncle Ron can do.”

Read the full story right here from the Racine County Eye.