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RACINE – A kitchen fire damaged a home at 1820 Polaris Ave. here Sunday morning. No one was injured.

The Racine Fire Department (RFD) was called to a report of smoke coming from the kitchen of the single-family home just before 10 a.m. Sunday. Heavy smoke and intense heat initially kept firefighters from entering through the front door, but the fire was eventually extinguished.

The home’s single occupant and two dogs were able to safely evacuate before firefighters arrived. The Red Cross assisted the occupant with temporary housing.

According to an RFD news release, the fire caused an estimated $60,000 damage to the structure and $8,000 to the contents.

Avoiding a Kitchen Fire

Residents are reminded to always make sure that stovetop burners – either electric or gas – be completely shut off and pots, kettles or pans be removed when cooking is completed.

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