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Ron Purtee, a local personality, writer and comedian, is hosting a New Year’s Eve Special as a way to have fun and encourage people to stay home this holiday season. The Ron Purtee Show is an online platform that hosts different forms of entertainment including interviews, short films, and sketches.

Getting into the Industry

Purtee found his love for interviewing others when he was 15 years old. The memory is as clear as day for Purtee. His day went from average to unforgettable when he was dropping off his zine at a former coffee shop in Racine known as Center City. Two former Racine bands, Jeff Barke of The Susie Chapstick Band and the band Bigwheel Champion, happened to be at the coffee shop that day. While they were hanging out they discovered Purtee’s work – a collection of his skits and comedy – and saw that his address was listed on the work as well.

After noticing his address and liking the work that they saw, they went and found Purtee at his home. He said, “They came and got me at home in my PJs and dragged me down there to interview them.” He even remembered when they said, “get dressed; you’re coming with us.” That was the moment that really hooked him to the entertainment industry. He conducted his first interviews with them.

In 2010, he began taking the show more seriously. Through the ages, he’s been able to do different gigs including performing at Warped Tour, co-hosting BlankFest Wisconsin, and making appearances at live performances throughout the area. He’s the creator of short films such as the “Becoming Undead” series, “The Social Media Massacre” series, and many other films. Now, as we approach 2022, Purtee wants to start the year off on a fun and safe note.

The Special

This New Year’s Eve he’s hosting his own show that will feature various artists and actors. This collaboration of entertainment is fun for people who are 18 years and older. Purtee’s special will mirror “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” television special. The event will take place online on December 31, 2021, at 11 p.m. EST and will end shortly after midnight.

Purtee says there is a chance that he can keep the stream up longer if people are enjoying the show. You can view the stream on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.

He says, “this is a good way to have some fun, see some artists you may not know.”

The show will feature:

  • Carnage The Executioner
  • Sleepersound
  • Annalise Curtain
  • Vile bees
  • Dead Finger
  • Comedian Kyle Lewis
  • Ron Purtee

Stick around for the show and wait for the countdown. The stream aims to entertain others while exposing viewers to new artists. He says, “2021 is coming to an end. Let’s send it out with a bang before something else bad happens. Let’s ring in 2022 with a bang the way that Uncle Ron can do.”

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Get Connected

Don’t miss the stream; let Ron know if you will be attending his event on Facebook. You can also view further details there. Kick off your night with him and look forward to a third “Becoming Undead” short on the horizon and his first full feature sometime in 2022.

Listen to Purtee’s Podcast on Spotify and watch his show on Youtube or Twitch.

New Years Eve in Racine

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