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On January 10, 2022, an attempted break-in was caught on camera on the north side of Racine. At approximately 2 a.m. an individual was filmed attempting to open a car that was parked in the Randal Lane Neighborhood. The Village of Caledonia Police Department posted a video of the individual on Facebook.

Attempted Break-In Leads to Police Commentary

The status said, “Missed Connections……Here’s you, prowling around the Randal Lane neighborhood a little after 2 this morning. It’s under 10 degrees out and you still care enough to check someone’s car to make sure they locked it. They did and you left disappointed. We want to meet you but by the time we saw the video, you were gone. Don’t worry kind stranger, we will be out there every night looking to reward you for being a “good neighbor”. Take care and stay warm. Stay Safe, Sgt. G.”

The individual is wearing a light-colored hoodie and sweatpants. As well, the suspect has a backpack on. This person has not been identified at this time. Any information regarding the incident should be brought to the Caledonia Police Department.

Individual in a light-colored hoodie and pants attempts to enter the car. Credit: Caledonia Police Department

Reporting Information

In addition, Racine Neighborhood Watch, Inc., shared the video and added the following comments:

“Neighbors are the resident experts of who and what belongs in the neighborhood – and who and what doesn’t. Racine Neighborhood Watch encourages residents to be observant of the people, places, and situations around them. If someone or something appears suspicious, seems out of place or not quite right, call the Racine County Communications Center non-emergency number, 262-886-2300 to report it. If in doubt, let police check it out.”

Racine Neighborhood Watch aims to Assist residents in creating safe, friendly and attractive neighborhoods throughout the Racine area. Information about their efforts can be found on their website.

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