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The following article has been updated to include event-specific information.

Fair Courts End Gerrymandering Racine Rally Information

Beginning at noon on Friday, Nikki Fisher, on behalf of the SE Region Fair Maps Coalition, will welcome attendees, followed by the following speakers:

  • Dwight Mosby, president of the Racine branch of the NAACP
  • Tom Rutkowski, environmental activist, member of the executive committee of the Southeast Gateway Chapter of Sierra Club
  • Tamara Patton, a local parent and education advocate
  • Nick Demske, Racine County Supervisor

Information will be provided by volunteers about the non-partisan movement for fair maps in Wisconsin, including the negative impact of partisan gerrymandering on our politics and ultimately, our daily lives.

“Our goal is to let the Supreme Court know that we, the people of Wisconsin, are watching and we expect them to act in a nonpartisan manner, in the best interest of the people, not politicians, in deciding fair district maps for the next decade,” said Carlene Bechen, Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition Organizer.

Original article follows:

Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition is hosting a state-wide “Fair Courts End Gerrymandering” Rally in 16 different municipalities across the state on Friday, Jan. 21, beginning at noon.

One of the rallies will be in Racine at Monument Square, 502 Main St. Information for Racine can be found on the Fair Maps SE WI Facebook page, with rally-specific information on the event page. Use the button below to register to attend. For other questions about the rally, email Carlene Bechen at

Other locations are: Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Appleton, Eagle River, Wausau, Whitewater, La Crosse, River Falls, Ashland, Eau Claire, Dodgeville, Stevens Point, Menomonee Falls, and Port Washington.

If you would like to get involved further with this effort, visit the Take Action page on the Wisconsin Fair Maps website where there are not only helpful ideas on what to do but also several links to help get you started.

What is Gerrymandering?

Gerrymandering is manipulating the boundaries of a geographical area (an electoral constituency) to favor one party or class. This two-minute video, using coins to represent people, is an easy-to-follow explanation:

About Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition

The mission of Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition is “to advocate for and enact, in law and practice, an independent and nonpartisan redistricting method in Wisconsin, and to educate and engage the public in the process of adopting and implementing nonpartisan maps.” The coalition exists to bring about nonpartisanship, racial equity, equal representation, democracy and more.

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