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UPDATE: The dog’s owners have been found.

Original story:

2 lost dogs were found in Racine on January 17. The dogs were found on the south side near Dekoven and Wisconsin. Keith, a Racine resident, states that they “look to be a pair of beautiful boxers.”

Keith’s neighbor spotted the dogs around the 1500 block of Wisconsin about an hour before he did. The dogs are safely residing with Keith as of 9 a.m. on January 18. Their names are unknown. The dogs were found without tags or collars.

There is one male dog, who is not neutered. There is also one female who appears to be in heat, according to Keith. The male is large and likely weighs 80+ lbs and the female is medium size likely weighing around 60 lbs.

The two dogs are light brown and white. Both dogs have white paws and short tails. Keith said that “the male has a specific identifying mark that the owner would likely be aware of.” The dogs both have short and smooth coats. They are potentially boxers.

Keith will be contacting the Wisconsin Humane Society to further assist with the dogs. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

If you have information about these dogs, please contact the Racine County Eye via Facebook messenger or contact Keith by reaching out to 262-909-6521. Please share this post on social media to spread this information.

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