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A large supply of N95 masks* has been made available to residents through Kenosha County Public Health. No identification is required to receive a supply of masks.

“We are very happy to be able to offer these free masks to Kenosha County residents, particularly those who may have a tougher time obtaining masks,” said Kenosha County Health Officer Dr. Jen Freiheit. “Wearing a well-fitted mask remains one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, particularly the highly contagious Omicron variant.”

Individuals will receive a pack of 20 N95 masks each. These masks have been made available to equip the residents of Kenosha better to safeguard more effectively through the Omicron surge. Masks are only available in adult sizes so far. Unfortunately, the county has not received a supply of child-sized masks as of yet. Information on mask-wearing can be found below.

Distribution began on Friday, Jan. 21 at the following locations:

  • Southwest Library
  • Northside Library
  • Simmons Library
  • Uptown Library
  • Salem Lakes Library
  • Twin Lakes Library
  • Westosha Senior Center
  • Kenosha Senior Center
  • Village of Pleasant Prairie and Rec Plex
  • Town of Wheatland
  • Town of Randall
  • Village of Bristol
  • Town of Paris
  • Town of Somers
  • Village of Twin Lakes
  • Village of Salem lakes
  • Town of Brighton
  • Kenosha County Job Center
  • National Guard testing site in Trevor

Additionally, the following organizations have masks to distribute, while supplies last:

  • Shalom Center
  • Grace Welcome Center
  • Sharing Center
  • Salvation Army
  • Hope Council
  • ELCA Outreach Center
  • Society’s Assets

How to wear N95 masks

The N95 masks received through this disbursement can be reused “as long as they are not visibly soiled,” according to Kenosha County Public Health, and masks do not need to be “fit-tested” for average individuals; only healthcare and response personnel are required to do fit testing.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has a wealth of useful information on masks, including types, care, when to wear and more. The following information is crucial to mask effectiveness:

Your mask should cover both your mouth and nose, fit snugly against your face, and have at least two layers of material. Your mask should also have a nose wire to help prevent respiratory droplets and aerosols from leaking in and out around the edges. You can check for gaps by feeling for airflow around the top, side, or bottom of your mask.

Wisconsin DHS website

Kenosha County has information on COVID-19 that includes vaccine providers, testing locations, isolation and quarantine protocols, and more on the Kenosha County COVID-19 Response Hub. For anyone needing assistance obtaining masks, please call the Kenosha County COVID-19 Hotline at 262-605-6799.

*Editor’s note: N95 masks are respirator masks by definition. As it covers the face, it is also a mask. Therefore, referring to an N95 as a respirator or a mask is acceptable.

The Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens is committed to publishing the most current and accurate information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in our Coronavirus section. View both the Racine County COVID-19 Dashboard and Kenosha County COVID-19 Dashboard offering real-time (updated Monday – Friday) statistical reporting for Racine and Kenosha Counties.