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The winter weather has been unbearably cold; unfortunately, most people don’t have the ability to stay inside all day. Those who have pets may need to go outside with them, while others need to brave the cold to get to work. We have compiled some of the most important tips for when you need to go outside and face the brutal cold.

Surviving Winter Weather

For you:

  1. Be careful when walking, black ice doesn’t just happen on the roads.
  2. Stay dry! Wet clothing increases heat loss and can lead to hypothermia or other cold injuries.
  3. If you’re out for an extended period of time, watch for any signs of frostbite or hypothermia.
  4. Keep moving. If you stand still, you’re not going to be producing as much body heat to keep you warm.
  5. And ALWAYS dress in layers, even if you’re just taking your dog out to use the bathroom.

For Your Pet:

  1. Stay mindful of how long your pet can stand it outside. Some dogs enjoy the colder weather, while others can get cold very easily. Consider a sweater and paw coverings for your dog on hand for when they need to go outside.
  2. Keep their paws clean. Wipe your pet’s paws thoroughly to get rid of any salt or other substances they may have picked up.
  3. Clean up any antifreeze spills that may occur. Antifreeze attracts cats and dogs due to the sweet scent, but it is highly toxic.
  4. Similar to the summer months, don’t leave your pet in the car. A prolonged stay in the car can cause them to freeze to death.
winter weather
Refer to this helpful chart when temperatures start dropping. – Credit:

It’s good to remember that if you can stay inside during these cold spells, you should. It’s better to stay inside and warm than to risk the cold unless absolutely necessary.

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