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On Monday, Jan. 31, Medicaid-enrolled pharmacies began distributing rapid COVID-19 tests to members of BadgerCare Plus and most Medicaid enrollees for no cost. Members were sent this information via email, the ForwardHealth COVID-19 webpage and through the Member Services call line.

Members need only to present their ForwardHealth ID card, either physically or on their MyACCESS mobile app.

According to a Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) news release, rapid COVID-19 tests are in short supply across the nation. Members are encouraged to call ahead to find a pharmacy that currently has tests available.

Exceptions to this Provision

Certain members of ForwardHealth are ineligible to receive free rapid COVID-19 tests. If a member:

  • Also has private insurance, they will need to obtain a kit from that program.
  • Is part of SeniorCare, their coverage is limited to vaccines and drugs.
  • Is part of a limited-benefit program, such as the AIDS/HIV Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) or the Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program (WCDP).
  • Is part of the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), they can contact their PACE care team for assistance.

How to Get Your Free Tests

  • No-cost test kits are only available at pharmacy counters.
  • Members MUST show their ForwardHealth credentials, either by showing the card or through the app.
  • Members are eligible for a maximum of eight tests each month.
  • There will be no refunds given for tests that were previously purchased.
  • For people with disabilities: Call 1-888-677-1199 or send an email to DIAL (Disability Information and Access Line) for help placing orders.

Other Options

Whether a member is ineligible to receive the free tests or pharmacies are out of stock, COVID-19 tests are still available. People can go to their doctor or a clinic for testing, however, this should be done only if other options are unavailable to keep patient loads low.

COVID-19 testing sites can be found below:

Racine County

Read COVID-19 Testing Sites in Racine County for locations and valuable information on types of tests, pharmacy testing locations, community testing locations and more.

Racine County Public Health offers this list: COVID-19 Testing.

Kenosha County

Fitchburg Family Pharmacy has teamed up with Lou Perrine’s and other locations. Read Lou Perrine’s New Location Offers COVID-19 Testing.

The Kenosha County Health Department’s COVID-19 Response Hub offers testing locations as well.

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