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Henry Perez, 60, is running against Eric Hopkins and Colin Mckenna in the primary election. He is running for the 9th District Racine County Board seat. The election is taking place on Feb. 15. If he wins the primary election, he will advance onto the election taking place on April 5.

In addition, he is running uncontested for the 12th District for the Racine Common Council on April 5.

Henry Perez is a current resident of Racine, Wisconsin. He has resided here since 2005.

To read more about other races and candidates visit the Racine County Eye Election Guide Spring 2022. The following answers were provided by Henry Perez on Jan. 9, 2022.

Questionaire: Henry Perez


Have you ever held an elected office position before?


In thinking about your election bid, what top three issues need to be addressed?

Public Safety, Fiscal responsibility, Economic development

How would you plan to address those issues?

Stronger enforcement of our laws, returning law enforcement to its designated manpower in the streets, making it easier for businesses to come back into the City limits, shortening the time for the process to get approved and revising the zoning laws and requiring more transparency from where the monies are coming from and how we are spending it. Stop frivolous spending!

In reference to those issues you have identified, what would success look like to you?

More officers and firefighters on the streets, developing a smoother and quicker process for development, and being open about the money connections that we are pursuing.

Why are those issues important to you? 

I currently see the process of bringing a business into Racine to be over burdensome and taking too long. We have seen an increase in violent crime and exhaustion from working long hours with little time off for our first responders inclusive of police and fire. All we have to look at right now is the issues that accepting Zuckerberg monies has caused with legal challenges and lawsuits. We have a lot of failed development promises in our community.

At the end of your term, what would you like to have accomplished?

Transparency and accountability, a safer and secure community and businesses returning to the City and the County.

Why should people vote for you? 

I am an experienced administrator, alderman, mentor and teacher and have shown and made a difference in numerous areas in our community. I reach across the table and listen to my constituents.

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor’s of Religious Education with a major in Theology and an area of concentration in Education with minors in Communications and New Testament Greek. I did my field internship in Egypt focusing on Islamic Studies. I also have a Master in Arts in Theology and am a graduate of the police academy. I am a licensed elementary/middle school teacher and a cross-categorical special education teacher.

What civic organizations do you belong to?

League of United Latin American Citizens; NAACP, Friends of Cesar Chavez Community Center, Kenosha Christian Reformed Church

Is there anything else you would like voters to know?

I am running for Alderman in the 12th District of Racine (unopposed) and for County Supervisor in the 9th District. We need responsible, caring, and strong leadership in this area. It is apparent from the most recent discussions over the Juvenile Detention Center that better communication needs to take place between the units of government in our community. As an experienced alderman, teacher, and mentor I can be the one that can accomplish these goals. I appreciate your prayerful support in this race. Blessings.

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