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CALEDONIA – A man and woman face numerous drug-related charges following their arrests at a Kremer Avenue home by Caledonia Police Sunday afternoon.

Drug-Related Charges

The Racine County District Attorney’s Office charged Jerad L. Holmes, 41, of the 1800 block of Kremer Avenue, Caledonia, with Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place and two counts of Felony Bail Jumping. Also charged with Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and five counts of Felony Bail Jumping was Jasmine J. Gonzales, 40, of the 1100 block of Villa Street, Racine.

Criminal Complaint

According to the criminal complaint, two Caledonia Police officers were dispatched to the 1800 block of Kremer Avenue shortly before 4 p.m. Sunday to stand by while a woman, identified in the complaint as AWM, picked up property from a home she co-owned with Holmes.

As AWM entered the home, she saw a woman, later identified as Carey Garvey of Racine. Garvey said that she had come to the residence that morning to “help Jerad.” A few minutes later, a police officer heard AWM yell from the basement asking for an officer to come downstairs. There, they found a second woman, later identified as Gonzales, sitting on a mattress on the floor and a table containing “numerous crack and marijuana pipes.”

Holmes then returned home and told police that Garvey had been at the home since the previous night and that Gonzales had been staying there about two months, according to the complaint.

Police located a black cigarette box “with two push rods sticking out” inside Garvey’s purse. An officer recognized it as devices used for “clearing out glass/metal smoking devices that are typically associated with illegal drug use. Garvey was taken into custody for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. In a search, police found a used crack pipe with a burnt Chore Boy scrub pad in her jacket/sweater pocket.

Meanwhile, dispatch informed the officers that Gonzales was wanted on a full extradition bench warrant from the US Marshals Service. She was taken into custody on the warrant and for possession of the drug paraphernalia in her bedroom. In a search, police found a baggie containing “a white powdery substance” in her possession. Later, Racine County Jail staff observed Gonzales remove a plastic baggie containing a 0.49-gram rock of crack cocaine from her underwear.

Police then searched the residence where they recovered numerous items, including crack pipes, glass marijuana pipes, heroin needles, two digital scales, a crack kit, 1.93 grams of an unknown white powder and six capsules containing Geodon (a prescription drug not scheduled).

Court Appearances

Holmes made an initial court appearance on Monday afternoon where a $750 cash bond was set, according to online court records. A $750 cash bond was also set for Gonzales. They were being held in the Racine County Jail.

A preliminary hearing for the co-defendants is scheduled for March 10 at the Racine County Law Enforcement Center, 711 Wisconsin Ave., Racine.

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