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Racine and Kenosha County weekend weather will be giving residents a slight taste of spring. However, the nicer weather will be followed by snow and rain carrying into the week. Your weekend forecast for Racine and Kenosha Counties is listed below.

Weekend Weather


The National Weather Service reports that it is currently mostly cloudy. It is currently 34° F. As of tonight, temperatures will drop around 33° F. Winds will change from heading east to southeast.


On Saturday, temperatures will warm up and reach a high of 62° F. It will be partly cloudy according to The National Weather Service. However, things will drastically change Saturday night. Wisconsinites in Racine and Kenosha Counties can expect showers and possible thunderstorms starting at midnight and stopping around 3 a.m. Thunderstorms are projected. On Saturday night, temperatures will reach a low of 38°F.

It is likely that it will be windy. Winds will head south and reach up to 15 to 20 mph. Winds will then head southwest 20 to 25 mph after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 45 mph. The chance of precipitation is 80%. If a thunderstorm occurs, expect higher amounts of rainfall. As of now, the National Weather Service reports that Racine County will receive between a tenth and a quarter of an inch of rain.


As we make our way into the weekend, the weather will change from a spring atmosphere back to winter weather. On Sunday it is expected to be partly cloud. It will reach a high near 46° F. It will be windy. Winds will travel west at 20 to 25 mph and then decrease to 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon. However, wind gusts could potentially get up to 45 mph.

It is likely that rain and snow will occur after midnight on Sunday. Snowfall will start after 2 a.m. and temperatures will reach a low of around 30°F. Winds will travel Northwest at approximately 5 to 10 mph and become northeast after midnight.

The chance of precipitation is 60% currently according to the National Weather Service. New snow accumulation is estimated to be less than a half-inch.

Whatever you do, get out for the beautiful weekend weather while it’s here. There will plenty of indoor time in the days to come.

Weather Updates

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