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RACINE – The Downtown Racine Corporation is seeking public art project pieces from years past to be donated back to the project. Previous participants, donors or other collectors who may have retained a piece of art from the previous 20 years are being asked to consider donating their artwork back to the DRC.

Downtown Racine has hosted a public art project each summer for two decades. This summer marks the 21st year of the public art project. Throughout these many years, countless people have made contributions, in some way, to the legacy of this endeavor that has not only supported local artists but also invested in the vitality of Downtown Racine.

With the advent of the 21st anniversary of the public art project, the DRC realized that the previous years’ art themes were not retained by way of samples of each year’s artwork. Racine is among a very small number of communities that have curated a public art project for such a long runtime. The DRC plans on building the collection to preserve the project’s history, dating back to 2001.

public art project
Art by Craig Welch – Credit: Downtown Racine Corporation
public art project
Credit: Downtown Racine Corporation

Through their proposal, donors will be able to sponsor a piece of art that would continue to be on display each summer, so long as its condition remains in good standing. Donors will be acknowledged by way of a plaque placed on/near the artwork being displayed.

Residents, artists and collectors who are willing to donate a past piece of Downtown Public Art are asked to contact the DRC office either by email at or by phone, 262-634-6002.

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