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The City of Racine Public Health Department – Environmental Health Division provides resources for City of Racine residents on pet licensing. All domesticated animals, including dogs, cats, pot-bellied pigs and ferrets, are required by law to be licensed. Each year, pet licenses expire on Dec. 31. When relicensing your pet, any

It is important for pet owners to know how and when to license their pets. If you are the owner of a puppy or kitten, your animal must be licensed before turning 5 months old. If you are a new pet owner, who just received a pet, they must be licensed within 30 days. It is required that owners license their pets due to Section 10 of the Racine Municipal Code.

Licensing is beneficial to the community and to your home. If your animal were to become lost, licensing your pet can help identify it. In addition, the fees that are required to license pets help to support animal control services that are provided by the City of Racine Police Department.

Along with the pet licensing requirement, all dogs, cats and ferrets also need to show proof of current vaccination against rabies.

Pet Licensing Costs

The fee that accompanies different pet licensing varies. The following prices are subject to change, but the current prices for licensing your pet in the City of Racine are as follows:

  • Spayed/Neutered dogs/cats: $15
  • Non-spayed or neutered dogs/cats: $40
  • Senior citizen dogs/cats: $10
    • animal must be spayed or neutered to recieve the discounted price
  • Potbellied pigs: $15
  • Ferrets: $15

The City of Racine Public Health Department – Environmental Health Division accepts cash, checks, VISA, and Mastercards. Please note that the City of Racine charges an additional $5 per pet license that is registered after March 31. Likewise, there is a 3.95% service fee for card payments. There is a $1.50 minimum for cards. Make checks payable to the City of Racine.

If you choose not to license your pet, you may receive a notice of health code violation. In this situation, pet owners are required to provide proof of the animal’s license. If pet owners fail to do so, they may receive an additional citation or fine.

Looking to avoid a citation or fine? Register and license your pet.

How to License Your Pet

  1. Download the application for pet licensing.
  2. Fill out the form accordingly.
  3. See options:
    • Email a copy of your application, rabies vaccinnation records, payment, proof of spray/neuter to
    • Fax your materials to the City of Racine’s Public Health Department to 262-636-9165.
    • Mail the materials to Racine Public Health department City Hall, 730 Washington Ave., Room 1, Racine, WI 53403.
  4. Licenses and pet tags will be mailed back to you with any copies of orginal paperwork.

Application Forms

Number of Allowed Pets

Pet owners in the City of Racine are allowed to have three domesticated animals in a single-family dwelling unit. However, if you live in a multiple-family dwelling unit, you are only allowed 2 pets. If you have more than 3 domesticated animals, a pet fancier’s permit will need to be obtained. If you obtain this permit, 7 domesticated animals in a single-family dwelling unit. These permits are issued by the City of Racine Public Health Department. Learn more on their website.

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