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Let’s face it, gas prices are higher than we wish they were. $3.94 is the average price of regular gas, in Wisconsin, currently, according to AAA Gas Prices. To be conservative with your mileage, look for alternative ways to have fun. There are numerous things to do in Racine County that don’t require you to use gas.

Gas Prices High? Try RYDE Racine

For local travels, consider using public transportation. RYDE Racine offers nine fixed bus routes, five of which operate seven days a week. A single bus fare is only $2 for those 6 and older. Seniors, disabled and Medicare recipients are just $1. Passes for multiple rides start at just $4. Read more about the future of RYDE.

Until gas prices stabilize, these 5 things to do are fun for all ages and for those looking to spend a little less.

1. Bike to the Barn Quilts

If you’ve got a midwest mindset, then taking a barn quilt tour may be on the list of things you want to do. However, you probably don’t want to take your car if you are looking to save on gas. Depending on where you live, bike to the various barn quilt locations near you. In Racine County, there are 28 “Quilts on Barns” that you can explore. Seeing the barn quilts is a free activity that you can do, rain or shine.

“Racine County is home to one of the first barn quilt projects in the state. Beginning in 2009, this public art project has placed dozens of colorful quilt patterns, mounted on 8-by-8 foot wooden squares, on barns throughout Racine County. The goal of the project was to highlight the unique architecture and history of barns in our county, educate residents and visitors on Racine County’s rich quilting tradition, and promote quilting as a form of art. Sponsored by the Racine Arts Council in conjunction with Real Racine, these distinctive designs include common quilt patterns seen more on fabric canvases such as Bear Paw, Wild Goose Chase, and Tulip Basket” states Real Racine.

Quilts on Barns Locations:

  • Lady of the Lake, 1330 Borgardt Rd., Sturtevant
  • Indian Paintbrush, 1637 Airline Rd., Racine
  • Ohio Star Variation, 4638 Nicholson Rd. Franksville
  • Black-Eyed Susan, 5553 Short Rd., Racine
  • Blue Ribbon Horse, 5518 WI-31, Racine
  • Rusty Horseshoes, 5750 Five Mile Rd., Racine
  • Corn & Beans, 6123 Hwy 38, Franksville
  • Four Flags, 8024 Nicholson Rd., Caledonia
  • Churndash, 8140 Foley Rd., Racine
  • Square in a Square, 5915 Seven Mile Rd., Racine
  • Quarter Horse Cross, 7930 Botting Rd., Racine
  • Bear Paw, 7133 Michna Rd., Racine
  • Mariners Compass, 4130 Lighthouse Dr., Wind Point
  • Swing on a Star, 17201 Old Yorkville Rd., Union Grove
  • Cornucopia, 19030 Plank Rd., Union Grove
  • Vine of Friendship, 29614 Mt. Tom Rd., Burlington
  • 54-40 or Fight, 28503 Durand Ave., Burlington
  • Wheat Matters, 34120 Spring Prairie Rd., Burlington
  • Log Cabin, 2826 Maple Rd., Burlington
  • Waterford Windmill, 5202 Buena Park Rd., Waterford
  • Indian Trail, 6203 Big Bend Rd., Waterford
  • Connecting the Arts, 6314 S. Loomis Rd., Wind Lake
  • Tulip Basket, 6119 Heg Park Rd., Wind Lake
  • Wisconsin Heartland, 27402 Malchine Rd., Waterford
  • Wild Goose Chase, 22020 W. Seven Mile Rd., Franksville
  • Mosaic Twirl, 1509 51st St., Caledonia
  • Sawtooth 16 Patch, 5200 Raynor Ave., Franksville
  • Tennessee Star, 4603 108th St., Franksville

Find more information on Real Racine.

Black-Eyed Susan – Credit: Real Racine
Ohio Star Variation – Credit: Real Racine
gas prices
Tulip Basket – Credit: Real Racine

2. Take a Historic Walking Tour

The Downtown Racine Corporation offers a way to explore Downtown Racine that doesn’t require taking a vehicle. The Historic Walking Tours are a fun way to take a look at Racine’s history, exercise and enjoy what the city has to offer.

Read the Racine County Eye’s article below for more information

Walking tours

Historic walking tour offer great socially-distanced fun downtown

RACINE – Downtown Racine Corporation now offers a great way to explore downtown with some great socially-distanced fun for the whole family. The DRC’s Main St. Committee is delighted to present a web-based, mobile-friendly update of a walking tour guide commissioned by the Racine Landmarks Commission in April 1990. The original printed brochure, which is…

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3. Skate at B3 Skate Park

Automobiles, four-wheelers, boats, and snowmobiles all require gas. These are common forms of entertainment for Wisconsinites. With spring around the corner, try skateboarding, longboarding, BMX biking, and inline skating at B3 Skate Park. It’s open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. This skate park has 18,000-square-feet to roam around. It’s located in Pershing Park, 800 Pershing Drive. The park is great for seasoned riders or for those who are just learning how to ride. There are a variety of ramps, courses, and areas to try out.

4. See a Show

Currently, The Racine Theater Guild is performing “Clue: On Stage.” It runs from March 18 until April 3 at the Racine Theatre Guild, 2519 Northwestern Ave., Racine. Read more below.

Clue: On stage

“Clue: On Stage” Opens March 18 at Racine Theatre Guild

Lights, camera, action! The Racine Theatre Guild is back again to present the community with another entertaining performance. “Clue: On Stage” will run from March 18 until April 3 at the Racine Theatre Guild, 2519 Northwestern Ave. This performance is based on the film and board game, Clue or as it is known internationally, Cluedo.…

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5. Hike and Explore

Get your feet on the ground instead of your car’s wheels. Explore Racine County and the trails it has to offer. Dipping into Racine County’s nature is a great eco-friendly way to avoid using gas and provides you with something fun to do.

Hiking in Racine County

5 Hiking Spots in Racine County

Spring is just around the bend here in Racine County. That means Wisconsin’s landscape is changing from snow-covered fields to luscious green trails. It’s true, brighter days are ahead. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of what’s ahead of us? Whether you want to hike or just take a stroll with your family, deciding where…

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