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OPINION – The upcoming fall Wisconsin Senate race will be one of the most important in the state’s history, especially for the Black population of the Southeastern sectors of Racine and Kenosha.

Although there are many Democratic candidates running, the seat is held by the highly conservative and eccentric Republican Ron Johnson. As a conservative, It should go without saying that Senator Johnson’s main interests are all adverse to the quality of life issues facing Blacks in our state. This is partially because he is a member of the Republican party and most of all because he leans toward white supremacist ideological points of view.

However, if it is true that name recognition is important in political circles, the most prominent name in the race is Johnson’s. While it is true that Johnson is widely known as a white supremacist, he is also widely known by the Black voting bloc, even those who he loathes. Therein lies a potential problem for the Democrats, who pretend they are concerned about the political needs of the Black population. They should be aware that, like others in his party, Senator Johnson has a silver tongue and can be very persuasive. However, contrary to most Republican politicians in Wisconsin, he has at least two commercials with Black constituents.

But what about the Democrats who are running to displace Johnson? In my opinion, there is one very important question to be asked of those in this group, why are they ignoring the Black voting block in Racine, the second-worst city in the nation for Black residency, and our brothers and sisters residing in Kenosha that suffer the same racial inequalities? It seems that the Black residents of these cities and their political capital have been taken for granted and put on the back burner to be rekindled when and as needed.

Three of the top Democratic contenders are, Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, state treasurer Sarah Godlewski, and Milwaukee Bucks owner Alex Lasry. Although some of the candidates may have made brief appearances in our area, none have, as of yet, honestly sought our votes, especially those of us that are considered non-essential and for the most part, invisible.

The Democrats need to stop playing this redundant game of cat-and-mouse with the Black communities of Southeastern Wisconsin. Furthermore, Blacks should put a stop to the deceptiveness constantly spewed out by fake benefactors, and not only direct their votes to highly-scrutinized entities of political advantage, but also back their assessments with purposeful conviction.

C.T. 4/08/22 Chester Todd’s One Black Man’s Opinion OBMO

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