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Case High School’s Varsity Football has appointed a new head coach. Anton Graham has accepted the position to take over and replace the previous coach, Bryan Shredl. This will be Graham’s first head coaching opportunity as a football coach for Racine Unified School District. He has years of experience under his belt as a coach and as a player to guide him as he tackles his first season with the Eagles.

As a former assistant coach with the Horlick High School football team for the past 10 consecutive years, Graham acknowledges the Horlick Rebel family for their support. He is looking forward to the new experience – which is bringing Graham full circle – coaching where he once played. Graham attended Case High School, but later transferred and graduated from Park High School in 2007. He was a member of the football teams at both schools.

After graduating from high school, his next endeavor as a student-athlete took him to Minnesota State University, Mankato. Following his year with the Mavericks, in 2008, he transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He spent 3 additional years at this school but later returned home, after not completing his education.

He says, “I let frustrations get the best of me,” but with this experience, Graham found insight looking back. He shares, “the irony is that I switched majors 3 times, but the last two courses I took were a strength and conditioning class and a coaching class.” He never knew that it would one day lead him to his career. Since his return home in the mid-2000s, Graham has found a way to stay connected to what he loves: the community, sports and family.

Connected to Racine

Graham is the oldest of eight siblings. He values his connection to Racine and forming unity through athletics. That’s not all, he’s taken and guided many of Racine’s youth through the years. Graham currently works at Flex Fitness, 2400 Rapids Drive. He is also the owner and lead trainer at his fitness training company, Anything Goes. Graham keeps his schedule busy. He helps coach the Varsity Track & Field team at The Prairie School. He additionally works as one of the basketball coaches at Racine Lutheran High School.

While he will wrap up what he once started as a coach with the Rebels, Graham exclaims, “I couldn’t be more excited and will forever cherish this opportunity as my first head coaching position.” Brian Fletcher, the Varsity Head Football Coach at Horlick High School offered Graham his first coaching position and helped him to become an Educational Assistant at the school.

Anton Graham instructs athletes at the 2021 Anything Goes All Skills Camp. – Credit: Anton Graham

Graham states that he is hoping to become the Freshman Advocate at Case. He says, “as a varsity coach, I’d be dealing with the Juniors and Seniors.” However, he believes that in this role as an advocate, he could strengthen and build a connection with Freshman students.

Coach Continues to Play

For the upcoming football season, he will go between donning his scarlet and black football uniform and his green and gold coaching apparel. Not only has Graham been on the sidelines as a coach, but he’s had his fair share of minutes played with the Racine Raiders. He has been on the roster since 2013.

Anton Graham, number 43 for the Racine Raiders Credit: Anton Graham

Throughout the summer, Graham will continue to practice and play with Racine’s hometown semi-pro football team as a team captain. He’s eager to show the football boys at Case who he is on the field as a player. The 6′ 3″ linebacker for the Racine Raiders will finish his season as the high school season starts, which the Racine Raiders fully support.

Want to watch the coach play? We have the Racine Raiders Schedule so you can catch a game.

Changing the Culture

Graham knows the talk when it comes to football plays, but he also knows that his players must walk the walk when it comes to their education. This Racine native is focused on changing the culture and committing his students to the classroom.

He says, “I will preach to these boys that they are student-athletes.” Graham emphasizes that they are students before they take the field. Not only is he looking to make these players better athletes, but to help them become better men.

While the season doesn’t start for a few months, the work starts now. Any potential athletes should reach out to Coach Graham with questions or concerns. He can be reached at 262-308-0630 or on all social media by searching Anton Graham.

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