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A woman was booked into the Racine County Jail with a single charge of harboring a fugitive/felon, and video of Jackson leaving Booker’s home with her the morning of her death has been made public.

According to a post to the Racine County News/Scanner Group on Facebook and a story by CBS 58 News, a 24-year-old woman was taken into custody April 25. She was booked into the Racine County Jail on a single felony count of harboring a fugitive/felon. CBS 58 reports Racine Police Department confirmed the woman’s arrest is in direct connection with Booker’s death.

In the same story, CBS 58 released Ring doorbell footage of Jackson leaving Booker’s home with her in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 25, during which you can hear Jackson tell Booker, “Go,” before he shuts the door and follows her down the sidewalk. Her body was discovered in her car hours later.

Booker’s father speaks

Leonard Larry is Booker’s father, and he said one of his grandsons called him Sunday morning and told him there was blood on his mother’s bed, and she was not at home, the CBS story continues. Larry told the boy to call the police and relayed to CBS 58 that he didn’t think the police did enough to keep Booker safe, including not alerting the public to the danger Jackson posed after he attacked Brittany and his ex-girlfriend on Feb. 27 with a hammer.

Racine Sgt. Kristi Wilcox told Racine County Eye Monday the public was not alerted after the Feb. 27 attack because doing so would have put too many people in danger unnecessarily. On Tuesday, she pushed back against criticism for that decision, saying police don’t often release information about individuals suspected of committing assault, which is the category Booker’s case falls into since she had never been in an intimate relationship with Jackson.

“We don’t release information about assault cases, even ones as serious as this,” Wilcox said.

When asked what goes into making the decision to inform the public or not, Wilcox said there aren’t any particular protocol authorities follow, but the general rule is how much danger the individual poses to the public.”

Information that comes into the police that leads to arrest is most often attributed to investigators keeping their cards close to their chest.

“We have to sometimes be covert to operate effectively,” Wilcox added. “And when it comes to this case, there are people who are helping (Jackson) get away. He isn’t going this by himself.”

Racine County Eye will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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