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The Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens tribute to Mother’s Day 2022: “A Few Good Moms”
Third nomination: Mary-Ann Abbott

My Mom birthed 11 children because she knew each of us chose her to be our Mom. She stayed home, raised, and sacrificed so much so she could stay at home with us as small children. She spent most of her hours, each day, caring for us. It’s just plain hard work, and I thank her for it.

She is a fun-loving, friendly person – and she always welcomes and becomes a mother to our friends, even as an adult. Our home was always open to exchange students and friends in need of a welcome. She now is a grandmother to 36 and I realize, as an adult how much she gives her life to others.

I recently had an eye injury and although I’ve always recognized her giving ways, it came to light how much I will always need my mother. She ensured I had what I needed, and arranged transportation for my children and myself for countless doctor appointments. She’d check in with me.

She’s incredible, rarely does anything for herself and is the most humble person I have ever met.

Rebecca Marani


Thank you, Rebecca, for your submission!

Editor’s Note: Submissions for “A Few Good Moms” are reprinted with minimal editing which includes basic grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. No content has been altered in any way that would affect the facts or telling of this nomination.

A Few Good Moms

As Mother’s Day approaches, the Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens put out a search for “A Few Good Moms.”

Being in the third year of a pandemic, a war in Europe, political nightmares and more has thrown significant weight on all of us. But amongst all of the strife, there are many positive stories.

Racine and Kenosha Counties are overflowing with good moms. A good mom can make a difference in the lives of many, a few, or even just one person.

This Mother’s Day, we are showcasing a few incredible moms who have made a difference in their community, in their family, or in the life of even one child. Each mom has a story and we want to start telling them. We are publishing the nominations daily until Mother’s Day, and our two featured moms will have their stories published on Mother’s Day.

As a special bonus, the mothers whom we feature on Mother’s Day will receive a special gift from a local salon as a way of saying “thank you” for allowing us to get to know them closer and to be able to really tell their stories.

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