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The Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens tribute to Mother’s Day 2022: “A Few Good Moms”
Eighth nomination: July Foster, Amaya’s mom

I want to nominate my mom because even though she is an AMAZING mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend, she’s never been nominated for anything in her life. She also just recently lost her father and I think this would brighten her day.

Before meeting my Dad, my mom has always worked her butt off to support us as she became a single mother to 3 children early on in life. She has always made sure that she went above and beyond with meeting our needs and our wants. She worked 3 jobs before just to make sure that we were always taken care of.

Since having my siblings she has become a stay-at-home mom and carries the weight of not only the house but the world on her shoulders as well. She wakes up at 5:30 a.m. and her head doesn’t hit the pillow until about 12 a.m. (all to repeat the cycle).

She’s always on the go from cooking to cleaning to entertaining two toddlers, to homeschooling them, to extracurricular activities, and home renovations. I don’t know how she does it, but every day she gets up and does everything she needs to and so much more. She’s an amazing mom to 7 children, ages 22, 21, 17, 13, and 11, bonus babes (step-children) ages 4 and 5, and two 3-year-old twins.

My mom has become my best friend and has always been my biggest cheerleader and I know there are days that she feels like all her hard work goes unnoticed, but you are appreciated more than words can ever explain and way more than I’ll ever be able to show. I feel so blessed to have you as my mom.

I pray that when my time comes I am at least half the mother that you are, I look up to you and the life that you have made for yourself, and I’m so proud of you, I’m honored that I was able to watch you grow into the person that you are today.

I would be honored if she was chosen as “a good mom” as I feel that the world should know just how much I appreciate her, and I know it would make her day. I would love to be able to surprise her with a nomination just in time for Mother’s Day as a surprise.

Momma, thank you. Words will never be able to express the love, the joy, and the peace you bring me, I love you to the moon and back!!

– Amaya Brantley


Thank you, Amaya, for your submission!

Editor’s Note: Submissions for A Few Good Moms are reprinted with minimal editing which includes basic grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. No content has been altered in any way that would affect the facts or telling of this nomination.

A Few Good Moms

As Mother’s Day approaches, the Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens put out a search for “A Few Good Moms.”

Being in the third year of a pandemic, a war in Europe, political nightmares and more has thrown significant weight on all of us. But amongst all of the strife, there are many positive stories.

Racine and Kenosha Counties are overflowing with more than just a few good moms. Good moms can make a difference in the lives of many, a few, or even just one person. Good moms are like medicine for the soul.

This Mother’s Day, we are showcasing a few incredible moms who have made a difference in their community, in their family, or in the life of even one child. Each mom has a story and we want to start telling them. We are publishing the nominations daily until Mother’s Day, and our two featured moms will have their stories published on Mother’s Day.

As a special bonus, the mothers whom we feature on Mother’s Day will receive a special gift or service from a local salon as a way of saying “thank you” for allowing us to get to know them closer and to be able to really tell their stories.

Read About Other Good Moms

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