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National Gun Violence Awareness Day is observed on the first Friday in June. It kicks off a weekend-long observation known as Wear Orange Weekend.

In the midst of multiple gun violence-related tragedies, including the recent events in Racine, people are coming together with a message that reaches into the hearts of millions nationwide. Americans want to end gun violence. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, more than 110 people in America are killed with guns every single day.

Want to be a part of the movement that puts down guns and creates a safer community? Take action this National Gun Violence Awareness Day and show your support during Wear Orange Weekend.

Here are 5 ways you can participate in the movement that urges an end to gun violence. This includes domestic violence, suicide and crime-related gun violence.

1. Wear orange

An easy way to participate is by breaking out those orange T-shirts, flags and apparel. Orange is the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves/others. It was adopted by individuals and organizations to be recognized by those working to prevent and end gun violence.

Are you sporting orange? Share a photo of yourself or others on social media and use the official hashtag for all platforms: ​#WearOrange. Using this hashtag helps create an enormous statement about gun violence concerns by bringing everyone’s posts together.

Emma and Ann Widmar hold signs at a June 3, 2018 in Downtown Racine

2. Contact your elected officials

Gun violence hits close to home. Share your concerns with elected officials by sending them a message. Have an opinion that you want to be heard? Now is your chance to demand action.

  • Use Everytown for Gun Safety’s easy-to-use form to send a message to your state’s senators
  •  Reach your legislators by calling the Legislative Hotline.
  • Send mail to our state’s leadership.
    • Senate
      • P.O. Box 7882
        Madison, WI 53707
    • Assembly
      • P.O. Box 895
        Madison, WI 53708
    • Governor
      • P.O. Box 7863
        Madison, WI 53707

3. Participate in a survey

The Racine County Eye wants to hear from you. Take our community feedback survey as a way to voice your opinions on the recent gun violence that has happened in our community.

4. Attend an event

Find an event near you to attend. Help put an end to gun violence by attending a rally, drive-thru event or other gatherings. Join the movement; find a spot near you.

For more information about events in your area, please contact

In Milwaukee, the following events are taking place:

Center Street & Sherman Boulevard
Milwaukee, WI 53210
• June 4 and June 5 •
• 11 a.m. •
Drive-through Memorial
Milwaukee Events

The Metro Milwaukee Moms Demand Action group and the City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention, as well as other community partners and gun violence prevention organizations, are hosting a drive-through memorial on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5 displaying signs with photographs of Milwaukee residents who have been shot and killed in the city. Please come to honor these loved ones and receive a free gun lock.

5. Learn and educate about gun violence

Educate yourself on the recent events that have taken place revolving around gun violence. Become aware of the issue by learning more.

  • Read about the issues impacting Americans.
    • Find more information on issues here.
  • Become a part of the solution, understand what solutions look like

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