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OPINION – While it is true that some white police officers kill Black people out of a sense of racial hatred, sometimes race isn’t the only motivating factor. Although there are some officers that view all citizens as individuals, deserving to being treated as such, others have been indoctrinated into a point of view that when dealing with the Black community, “it is us against them.” I personally have never heard of behavior modification being a part of police training, so that means some officers come to the position already bigoted and racially prejudiced.

In our society, law enforcement and many whites, mistakenly view all Black people as being violent and dangerous; their biased points of view aimed at Black community members gives the police the latitude to kill at their own discretion. The truth is, some police officers, Black or white, are quick to shoot any Black person, old, young, male, or female. In this growing contingent of bigoted law enforcement agents, Blacks are looked upon as being throw-away people and real-life targets.

Present-day methods reach the same historical ending

Not much has changed between the agents of law enforcement and Black people since we came to these shores in 1619. In America, when it comes to hunting humans, it is still like the days of slavery: open season on Black folks. The difference is, instead of allowing vigilantes to do the dirty work, the system uses official government branded and bonded agencies such as the U.S. Marshalls, FBI, ATF, and Dog the bounty hunter.

Instead of being lynched by the hangman’s noose, the system’s lackeys just shoot us in the back and call it a day. Cops are running afraid; the proof is very evident.

Especially when they empty their guns into us, even when we follow their instructions. In most instances, it matters not that our hands are the in air, or we are laying on the ground. However, America’s widespread problem with guns and race deserves all our attention.

For instance, even if Blacks are lucky enough to avoid the premeditated brutality of the police state, there’s still the chance of being killed by someone shooting indiscriminately in a crowded club or while walking down a residential street. Blacks residing in the inner core of urban areas must constantly be on point because death lurks around every corner.

The explosive nature of the young criminals roaming the streets of inner-city America leaves no room for debate or argument; the maxim is, shoot now, answer questions later in the interrogation room.

The tradition of gun violence unintentionally carries on

Not only do the young Black gunners of today have hair triggers, but their minds also operate at a level of intensity that goes way beyond common reasoning. The explosive nature of the young criminals roaming the streets of inner-city America leaves no room for debate or argument; the maxim is, shoot now, answer questions later in the interrogation room. In their minds, “it is better to be caught with it, than without it.” For some, the self-destructive behavior of kill-or-be-killed is firmly cemented in their minds as a showcase for the survival of the fittest.

This is not a new phenomenon. As young adult Black males – some of us without reason or provocation – stayed strapped, it was just the thing to do. What we did not understand was that our mentors came from an era where they had grown up fully indoctrinated in the remnants of the Lynch Theory. Most of the older men that I grew up under carried a knife, razor, or gun. I have even known church deacons who were always, on point, and kept their fingers on the trigger.

Just as our predecessors and mentors of long ago – while we were bragging about the size of our guns – we did not understand that we were reinforcing the continuance of Black gun violence in our community. My friends and I never gave thought to the life-altering impressions we were leaving behind in the minds of the children sitting around, listening, and watching.

The takeaway: ‘Guns are more important than people’

One thing that stands out: it makes no difference to the courts, especially those politically-influenced judges (SCOTUS) that solidify the laws. The proof is in the pudding, because the second amendment ratified in 1791, is still affirmed by the supreme court, reigns supreme, and will remain one of the most abused, and antiquated rights in American society.

In today’s America, guns are flowing freely, and it seems as if everyone is carrying. And the shameful part of it all is it is done by design. If you are a modern-day conservative, you are more than likely idealistically naïve enough to agree that guns should be in the hands of minors, the mentally challenged, and the growing membership in the army of white supremacy. Our individual concern should be, why do Americans value guns more than the lives of their loved ones and neighbors? Pessimistically speaking, if you are looking for answers, there are none.

C.T. 05/25/22 Chester Todd’s One Black Man’s Opinion OBMO

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