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IMPACT 211 serves Southeastern Wisconsin by helping community members by providing a free confidential helpline and online resource directory. This makes obtaining resources easier for Racine County residents and those in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Recently, IMPACT 211, tracked and evaluated the intake they receive from Veterans within the area. This evaluation was completed in partnership with IMPACT 211, Wisconsin Veterans Network, and the Veterans Affairs (VA). Calls were tracked from January to April of 2022 to help gauge the specific needs of local veterans.

The following information was determined by the organizations:

Log of Impact 211’s Top Services Requested by Veterans from January 2022 to April 2022

IMPACT 211 reports the following data:

  • 1,097 calls came from 431 un-duplicated individuals who identified themselves as a U.S. veteran (98%) or someone assisting a veteran (2%)
  • 63% of the un-duplicated veterans who contacted IMPACT 211 were male. The typical caller is female (70%)
  • The majority of veterans who called were 56 years old or older (66%) and Black or African American (58%)
  • Veterans from all nine counties of IMPACT 211’s service area reached out for assistance; 85% were Milwaukee County residents; 50% live in the lowest-income ZIP Codes of Southeastern Wisconsin
  • 35% of calls from veterans were mental health-related. During the same time period, mental health calls accounted for only 22% of the total calls to IMPACT 211

Resources Available

In efforts to assist Veterans and community members in need, visit the Racine County Eye Community Resource Directory for resources available in Racine County and Wisconsin.

Racine County Community Resource Directory

The Racine County Eye has compiled a helpful Community Resource Directory to provide assistance when someone is in need of available resources. This directory contains resources such as emergency resources, abuse resources, advocacy support, consumer needs, education, employment help, food resources, financial assistance, healthcare, housing, parenting, mental health, transportation, and veteran…

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