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OPINION – I am not a politician; however, I am politically astute enough to know the American political system uses covertly biased policies, along with cross-party fraudulent efforts, usually clothed in deceptiveness to deceive Black folks. The poverty-stricken Black underclass are deceived and exploited for their political capital in most elections, be it local or national. There are some Black politicians who are also ensnared by the deceptiveness practiced by both parties; some even take part and are complicit in actions that are adverse to the wellbeing of the nation’s Black population.

The Black population of Racine can be proud that we have a brother who stands on moral ground and is willing to stand in the gap for the disenfranchised Black populations of this locality, to help enhance their life chances. His name is John Tate II. John’s stance as a moral person seems to be viewed as a problem for some, on both side of the state’s political system.

Although I am more than twice his age, John Tate II, the current President of Racine’s Common Council and the recently resigned position of Chair-designee of the State Parole Commission, is a friend of mine. Mr. Tate II, at the request of Governor Tony Evers, recently resigned his position as Chair. I write this piece, not only to enlighten my readers, but also to put both parties on notice that some of us look at this action – the request for resignation – as collusion.

As I stated, I do not know all the intricacies pertaining to Mr. Tate’s dismissal, but I do know that the requested resignation exposes a twisted brand of politics that the average American, Black or white, cannot begin to fathom. Also, whatever the cause, this action should let the voting public know the alleged white liberal agenda of Wisconsin’s Democratic party does not coincide with the needs of its Black constituency.

Although I can only speculate on the cause for Mr. Tate’s resignation, it is plain to see that the Democrats have either folded under the ever-presence of their buddies across the aisle, or the other possibility, they worked in unison to exclude John from being of benefit to the Black population of our state. Ironically, Tate was unanimously supported for confirmation after his first Committee meeting; however, after he was reappointed, he was not called for a second hearing.

The Democrats only use Black votes for political power that they apparently cannot handle, while the other party, the Republicans, turn their backs on any efforts of Black inclusion. However, many of the State legislators have been in office for years and God only knows who owes who a favor or two. This does not give them the right to play their calculating and unscrupulous game on the state’s Black population, and the future political aspirations of Mr. Tate.

The Black communities of Racine, Kenosha, and Kenosha should be made fully aware of the reasoning for the dismissal of John Tate II and deeply consider changing their voting habits to combat any further intrusion on John Tate II’s political career. Furthermore, the Democrats should be made to understand that the continuation of shenanigans such as these will one day, sooner than they think, cause them to lose their hold on the Wisconsin Black vote.

C.T. 06/12/22 Chester Todd’s One Black Man’s Opinion OBMO

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