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Racine County and Premier Solutions Group have recently launched a new workforce initiative. ReConnect is Racine County’s new project that works to connect seniors and retirees to companies that are in need of skilled workers.

Employers looking to hire

For businesses hiring seniors or retirees, they are getting employees who have more work experience and knowledge. The new website that was launched also reports that these individuals are harder working and more reliable as well in these demographics.

If you are an employer who wants to partner with ReConnect, then fill out the employer sign-up form. Business owners who fill out this form are agreeing to this initiative.

Seniors and retirees looking to work

Are you a senior or retiree looking for something to occupy your time? Part-time and full-time positions will be available for those in search of a job.

Going back to work as a senior or retiree has its benefits. As an employee, you’ll have supplemental income to use on living expenses or hobbies. Taking on this role can also allow you to stay active and stay connected to the community. Getting back out there in the workforce can help seniors and retirees socialize with those of similar backgrounds and interests.

If you are interested in getting back to work, fill out the employee form on the website.

For anyone seeking more information, they should contact or call 262-638-6312.

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