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There are several noteworthy statistics, trends, and insights to keep in mind throughout 2022. Software development has remained a highly technical, revolutionary, and innovative sector for years. This is especially true in 2022, with more programmers embracing machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data solutions. These technologies continue to change the future of work for application engineering teams all over the globe. As a developer, you should understand the different breakthroughs impacting this dynamic market. This way, you’ll be able to appreciate how these software development experts are bringing immersive, engaging, and feature-rich applications to market. To get started now, read about the noteworthy software development statistics you may have missed. 

Employment Growth Projections

With continuous demand for powerful digital products, there is a rapidly growing need for experienced software developers in the tech workforce. Employment growth for programmers is expected to remain at over twenty percent for the next seven years. Compared to other occupations, the employment growth for developers is genuinely significant. In 2022, roughly 1.3 million tech professionals will work in this space. On average, these software experts earn an hourly wage of approximately $58, equating to an annual salary of over $120,000. Certainly, software development professionals should familiarize themselves with different statistics for employment growth in the field. 

Software Security Prioritization

In 2022, more software development teams are making application security a top priority. According to recent data, over thirty percent of programming teams have a specialized department solely responsible for security monitoring and quality assurance (QA). These professionals know exactly how to respond when a security vulnerability, exploit, threat, or breach is discovered. They can defend enterprise-grade software from malicious code, misconfigurations, encryption flaws, or coding errors. Plus, they can run penetration tests, static security analyses (SAST), and configuration audits to harden security protocols. Surely, there are several noteworthy industry stats related to software security prioritization.

Changing Engineer Demographics

This year, the average software developer’s demographics are also seriously changing. In the United States, over eighty percent of software engineers are male, and this means less than twenty percent of the entire workforce is female. On a global scale, women account for just about one-quarter of the international programming workforce. Regarding age demographics, nearly half of developers are in the 25 to 34-year age group. Slightly younger programmers, between 18 and 24, make up around twenty percent of the labor force. Indeed, changing engineer demographics is a major software statistic to be aware of in 2022.   

Project Cost Trends

More so, several remarkable software development statistics regarding project cost have been reported. On average, software applications cost around $35,000 and six months to build from end to end. This works out to a cost of right around $6,000 a month, depending on system complexity, requirements, and labor. Of course, roughly twenty-five percent of projects cost over $55,000 to fully develop. This is especially true for immersive, feature-rich, and custom-made software applications. There are also post-deployment, maintenance costs that need to be considered. Oftentimes, software support, continuation, and monitoring cost right around twenty percent of the initial build. Absolutely, consider the latest breakthrough trends in project costs. 

New Top Operational Challenges

Software development companies need to cope with several operational barriers, hurdles, and challenges. According to over fifty percent of programming firms, adapting to changing user and client requirements is their biggest obstacle. Around fifteen percent of respondents believed recruiting and hiring the right talent posed the biggest threat to their operations. Since managing and monitoring performance is challenging for companies across industries, it has also plagued the software field. That’s why another seventeen percent of programming companies find continuous performance optimization and management to be their biggest issue. Definitely, software companies are battling new top operational challenges in 2022.  

There are several noteworthy statistics you may have missed in 2022. First, there are many moving statistics related to employment growth in the field. In addition, many software developers are changing how they conceptualize and prioritize security. There are also serious changes in the demographics of the average software engineer. It would help if you also familiarize yourself with the latest trends in terms of project cost. Further, get to know more about the top operational challenges today’s leading development firms are facing. This has additionally caused waves in the IT industry. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the noteworthy software development statistics you may have missed.

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