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Eating a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be hard. It also doesn’t have to compromise flavor and fulfillment. UW-Health states that “a healthy meal has at least three of the five food groups. It will include a whole grain, lean protein or dairy, and fruit or vegetable.”

The following list includes examples from UW-Health that provides a well-balanced meal that will help students sustain their hunger throughout their day at school. The following suggestions are also great meals to make for parents, teachers and others who work away from home. Check out their online resource for more healthy tips and 10 extra recipes.

5 different lunch options to try

When you’re tired of making the “same-ole same-ole” meal, try giving these a whirl. In no particular order, UW-Health suggests:

1. An all-around favorite – Italian tortellini

Mangiamo! Let’s eat! It’s safe to say that a lot of people like Italian dishes. Cooked tortellini makes for an easy treat to pack up and bring to school. Perhaps it’s something you make the night before for dinner and then wrap up for lunch the next day. Perfect! Wisconsinites can agree that mozzarella cheese goes well with anything, including tortellini. Make it with cucumbers, basil or spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes. You can substitute the red sauce with pesto dipping sauce if you’d like.

2. Quick & easy – Turkey wraps

Stick to something simple this school year. A turkey and cheese wrap makes for nice lunch. UW-Health shares that you can make it on whole wheat tortilla and then serve with carrots.

Looking to spice up your turkey wrap? Add some dried herbs for a gourmet touch. Or add additional vegetables by shopping at local farm stands in Racine County.

3. Summer mindset – Hawaiian pita

While summer may be coming to an end, stay in that summer mindset just a little longer by trying the Hawaiian Pita. If you have some lean ham in the refrigerator, pair that with green pepper and pineapple chunks. Serve this in a pita and enjoy!

Before you head back to school, eat this while visiting some of the 9 charming beaches in Racine County. If you can’t be in Hawaii, why not try this treat on the shores of Lake Michigan?

4. Dairy days – Cottage cheese

As Wisconsinites, there’s no shortage of love in our hearts for dairy products. A simple but easy lunch or snack is low fat cottage cheese. Pair that with whole grain crackers and sliced peaches for an extra bit of crunch or sweetness.

Find produce by shopping at the various farmers markets in Racine County.

5. Taco fresco – Chicken and chips

This recipe, provided by UW-Health, takes chicken and gives it a little kick. Make this for lunch when you’re on the go and be certain that you’ll be full. Chop up a chicken breast, add peppers, avocado and tomato to a bowl. Scoop up this mix with baked tortilla chips.

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