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Summer just got a little sweeter because corn is readily available to Racine County residents. If you’re planning on throwing a couple of ears of this summertime treat on the grill, take the time to find out where you can get corn this time of year.

1. Kyle’s Corn

If you are looking for corn that’s grown locally, shop Kyle’s Corn. There are four self-serve locations in Racine County where you can purchase Kyle’s sweet corn, which all is grown in Sturtevant and picked every morning. It is sold for $8 for 13 cobs. The stand accepts cash and Venmo. Call or text Holly at 262-909-7771 with any questions.

Shop at:

  • Prochaska Farms, 10416 6 Mile Road in Caledonia
  • The Dugout, 720 Main St. in Union Grove
  • Land of the Giant Pumpkin Farm, 11823 Durand Ave. in Sturtevant
  • Timers Beverage Center, 3800 Northwestern Ave. in Racine
STOCK IMAGE – Credit: Eric Prouzet / Unsplash

2. Pfeffer Farm and Garden

STOCK IMAGE – Credit: Engin Akyurt / Unsplash

Located at 8140 Foley Road is a farm stand with corn that’s ready to be eaten. The Pfeffer Farm and Garden provides a variety of vegetables, fruits, and even flowers for shoppers. These crops are not treated with any chemicals and is available starting Aug. 13. The stand has an honesty policy and accepts cash.

3. The Sweet Corner

Looking for something sweet? The Sweet Corner is located at the intersection of Newman Road and Independence Road in Mount Pleasant. This is a self-serve farm stand, so feel free to help yourself to this and other vegetables. This stand is run by Borzynski’s Farm & Floral Market, 11600 Washington Ave. in Mount Pleasant, Wisc.

STOCK IMAGE – Credit: Andre Ouellet / Unsplash

To see what is available and for updates, check out their Facebook page. They’ve got plenty of this summer favorite to feed all your friends and family members.

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