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For a lot of kids, this word rhymes with boring. Because the process of education takes away opportunities to explore this world. Exploring is what makes people happy – new experiences, discoveries, new skills…

In theory, education gives them all that. But children often do not feel happy while studying. And the same is true about studying and writing. Why?

Because of how the process of studying is usually framed. It lacks excitement, it lacks the moments of play and experiment. Keeping that in mind, let’s talk about the 10 ways to help improve your child’s writing skills.

1. Play with your kids

Playing with your children should be the basis of every activity. It helps to smooth out the sharp edges of real life. It helps to make things interesting. And it encourages children to assume a creative approach to everything.

child's writing skills
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You can use any role-playing game that involves writing:

  • Post Office – make them write a letter, put it in an envelope and send it to a friend.
  • Restaurant – pretend to be a customer and have your kid write down your order.
  • Magic – create a fantasy story where every written word would manifest as a tool your child could use to progress in the plot.

2. Encourage to create stories

Storytelling is an art that keeps children mesmerized. Show them that they can create their own stories by writing. But before that, you should discuss with your children the basic structure of the story. Read a fairytale together and explain to them its basic elements. Then, challenge your kids to come up with their own stories. If there are difficulties, use combinations of pictures to spur their imagination. Or contact the best essay writing service to order a unique story to inspire your child.

3. Speaking of reading

Yes, reading is also a great way to improve your child’s writing skills. And of course, it is best to read together. This helps children to be engaged in the process. They will learn new words faster if you will participate in the reading. Kids who read also learn the importance of the written word. To make things even more engaging, you can order a story at a paper writing service that would include elements of your child’s life.

4. Create a dedicated writing space

Writing asks for concentration. Anything can become a distraction to your children. That is why creating a corner designed for focused work will help them spend more time practicing. Make sure this corner is always stocked with everything needed for writing.

5. Offer to write a journal

A child’s life is filled with discoveries. Journaling is something that helps to digest these discoveries and draw lessons from them. This is a very productive way to encourage your kids to write. Reading their journal will be an additional way to connect with your children and show your interest in their emotional life.

Though, depending on the age, your children might also prefer to keep their journals secret. In this case, respect their privacy. But show them that you are still interested in them writing the journal.

6. Involve them in writing a shopping list

Kids love to remind you about some things you shouldn’t forget to pick up at the store. So, turn it into a writing game! Let your children add items to your grocery list, and show them that their writing has real-life consequences in the form of products brought from the store.

7. Consider your child’s interests

Every child has preferences. Some of them like cars, others prefer knights and castles, and yet another child might put dinosaurs above everything else. Incorporate these. Instead of picking a generic topic, ask them to write a dinosaur story and they will invest themselves even more.

8. Lead by personal example

The best thing children learn from us is to emulate our practices. This is why you should practice writing yourself. Write in front of your children as often as possible. Your kids would love to copy your pose, your style, and your dedication to the process. Use every opportunity to write.

9. Create a blog

Writing on the internet could be interesting to your child as well. If they create a personal blog, it will motivate them to write content regularly. Blogging has similar benefits to journaling, except it is more exposed to the audience and will generate more feedback.

10. Give feedback yourself

The most important thing of all is to praise your child’s efforts. Celebrate their success, ask questions and express genuine interest in their achievements. This will make any person of any age motivated to improve.


Writing skills are a necessity in life. But it is not very apparent when you’re still a child. Especially with modern technologies that allow you to search for content on the internet without typing. By using these tips you will be able to motivate your children and show them that improving their writing skills is both important and exciting.

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