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rocking chairs
Di Bottoni by Chelsey Cacciotti Giardino – Credit: Downtown Racine Corporation

RACINE — The art installation of rocking chairs in Downtown Racine will soon go up for online auction to support the cultural diversity and further enrichment of businesses in the area.

16 Amish-crafted rocking chairs will be up for bidding, each with a starting bid of $300.

“The rocking chairs are sturdy, fun, and functional, and the artists did a beautiful job this year of highlighting popular themes,” said M. T. Boyle, chair of the Downtown Racine Corporation Board, in a July 25 press release. “I’m proud of how this project keeps the Downtown as a great destination for fun, food, and shopping.”

Rocking chairs up for auction

  • “Navigating Racine” (Artist: Nancy Barthuly)
  • “Giardino di Bottoni” (Artist: Chelsey Cacciotti)
  • “Drip” (Artist: Evergreen Academy)
  • “Lazy Daisies” (Artist: Hailey Fischer)
  • “Norwegian Rosemaled” (Artist: Liz Gage)
  • “Sunflower Dreams” (Artist: Liz Gage)
  • “Rockin’ Rhymes” (Artist: Shannon Gegare)
  • “Wildflowers” (Artist: Rachel Hankwitz)
  • “Rocking the Beatles” (Artist: Brenda Lois)
  • “Southern Comfort” (Artist: Connie Meredith)
  • “My Oasis” (Artist: Savannah Moe)
  • “Wisconsin Rocks!” (Artist: Paul Muckler)
  • “Rockin’ Robin” (Artist: Paul Muckler)
  • “Flyover States” (Artist: Bill Reid, Vicki Schmitz, Holly Wolf-Mattick, Prairie Art Department)
  • “Sounds of Spring” (Artist: Tara Schmidt)
  • “Rocking the 90’s” (Artist: Jessica VandeLeest)
  • “Space is the Breath of Art” (Artist: Nicki Zimmer)
  • [Not titled] (Artist: RYOCF – Person in our care)
Rockin’ with the Beatles by Brenda Lois – Credit: Downtown Racine Corporation

Bidding closes at 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 10. To submit a bid in the auction, visit Downtown Racine’s website and click on the ‘Auctions’ tab.

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