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OPINION – Well, here we go again. The Mid-term elections are a couple of months away and Wisconsin’s Black voters find themselves trapped, as usual, in the political madness of voting for the lesser of two evils that continue to play fraudulent games with our efforts of obtaining equality.

Ironically, it seems that many of the Democratic-controlled cities in our nation are where we find economic exclusion of Blacks, criminal justice corruption (aimed at continuing systematic imprisonment of Blacks), and police brutality as the main topics hampering the life chances of their Black populations.

For example, two of the nation’s top five worst cities for Black residency, Milwaukee and Racine, are in Southeastern Wisconsin and governed by Democrats. That fact alone should automatically make Black voters in Wisconsin stop and think before entering the polling place.

The question one should ask themself – before casting their vote – is, are the candidates being promoted by the Democratic party truly concerned about the most pertinent issues facing Black Americans and Black Wisconsinites? I ask this question because, after years of bamboozling Black voters with false promises, it is time for them to honestly work on issues affecting their most devoted supporters.

After the forthcoming election in Wisconsin, win or lose, there will be the old worn-out cries from the party as to why Blacks do not vote heavily in the mid-terms. One answer could be: if every Wisconsin Black voter went to the polls and helped Democrats maintain their thin grip in Congress and the Senate, it would not benefit us one smidgin.

Although one can make a case that some, if not all, of the false promotion channeled at Black voters by the party is covert racism, the fact remains that there are hardly any Black politicians of major prominence willing to stand up against the party’s deceptiveness. That fact alone should be recognized as a sign that it is a done deal.

As usual, Blacks will continue to spend their political capital on the falsehood that the Democratic candidates of their choice will make an honest effort to combat the anarchy promoted by white supremacy, the police state, and other elements of local governments in Southeastern Wisconsin. (It hasn’t happened yet, and from my point of view, it never will.)

As we enter the polling place, we must remember that these deceptions are purposely conjured up by party elites looking to gain more fame and personal political power.

C.T. 08/23/22 Chester Todd’s One Black Man’s Opinion OBMO

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