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The September crop for the Wisconsin Harvest of the Month is apples! A statewide campaign through UW-Extension, Wisconsin Harvest of the Month encourages children and families to eat more fruits and vegetables. In the school setting, the program showcases one seasonal Wisconsin-grown fruit or vegetable and encourages students to taste, explore, and learn more. As autumn approaches, the focus is on this pickable fruit, and the Racine County Eye is here to help expand this effort.

Whether you are gearing up to head back to the classroom or want to incorporate more apples into your diet, there’s a way for everyone to get involved.

Here’s what is offered when it comes to apples:

1. Apple activity guide

The apple activity guide is a great way to provide information to children about the benefits of the fruit. This activity guide gives a rundown of apple facts, nutritional benefits, activities to do and more.

2. Quick recipes

The apple is a popular fruit. According to the activity guide above, the average person eats 65 apples a year. Perhaps you are looking for a new way to incorporate this fruit into your diet. Try these three quick and easy recipes provided by UW-Extension.

3. Apple Taste Testing

Hungry for a snack? Much on an apple this autumn. Use the 3 recipes noted above as a way to incorporate this fruit into your meals. Otherwise, UW-Extension offers another fun way to do so by doing a taste test. Refer to the “Family Fun: Apple Taste Test” portion of the handout for helpful suggestions.

Picking Apples

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