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UW-Extension is offering not one, but five zucchini recipes to try this week. We are at the tail end of the gardening season. You may have slowed down plucking zucchini off the vine, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a surplus of this versatile summer squash waiting to be cooked. Even if you haven’t grown your own, zucchini is readily available from friends or in stores.

You can choose which route you’d like to go for preparing your zucchini. It can be grilled, made into a pizza, formed into meatballs, enjoyed as a side dish, or eaten at breakfast in an omelet.

Need help deciding? Try these recipes below.

Zucchini 5 ways

Other recipes to try from UW-Extension

There’s no shortage of recipes from UW-Extension. Each week, they provide the Racine County Eye with a tasty treat to try. Check out these recipes to make:

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