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Many homeowners in Racine County are experiencing the effects of the consistent rainfall and flooding that happened on Sept. 11 and 12. Dealing with a flooded basement can be emotionally and physically draining. When disaster strikes, it’s difficult to gather resources and connect to those who can provide you assistance.

Water damage is costly. These two tips, provided by Racine County Emergency Management Director Jay Kerner, can help residents of Racine County recover and restore their property during flooding.

“At this time, no municipality within Racine County has made a disaster declaration,” said Kerner on Sept. 12.


A basement on Racine’s south side experienced significant flooding. – Racine County Eye staff

1. Verify flood insurance

“Racine County Emergency Management encourages residents and businesses to be prepared for these situations by verifying ahead of time with their insurance providers if their plan covers flooding or sump pump failures/backups or if there is a need for a supplemental plan to assist with this coverage,” said Kerner.

Homeowners can check the Flood Maps on the FEMA website to check and see if their home is in a flood hazard area. Additionally, residents can access more information on the National Flood Insurance Program website. Resources provided through the NFIP can help homeowners both protect their property and recover quicker after a flood.

2. Apply for loans

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, applying for loans can help those with water damage bounce back more quickly.

“Once the disaster strikes, issuing a Local Disaster Declaration begins the process of seeking state and federal assistance,” explained Kerner. “The Small Business Administration Disaster Loan Program is a way for homeowners, renters and businesses to receive low-interest loans for property loss resulting from the disaster. Economic Injury Loans are also available for businesses.”

Additional resources

Due to the recent rain storms, the City of Racine is having bulk pick-up for water-damaged items until Sept. 16. Read more by visiting our website.

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