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Ramen noodles are a quick and easy way to fix yourself a meal. However, this easy lunch or dinner can get boring time after time. This week, UW-Extension has taken a twist on the pantry staple and provided a way to make ramen noodles nutritious, filling and delicious.

“Ramen noodles are pretty ubiquitous at pantries and stores year-round, so we found a recipe that bulks them up with frozen vegetables and other ingredients,” says FoodWIse Nutrition Educator, Jill Frideres.

Garlic Ginger Ramen with Beef goes well with the fall season and can warm anyone up on a chilly day. Try. it yourself with only a handful of ingredients.

Garlic Ginger Ramen with Beef

Other recipes to try from UW-Extension

Once you’ve tried Garlic Ginger Ramen with Beef, branch out and try some more recipes offered by UW-Extension. Each week, they provide the Racine County Eye with a tasty treat to try. Check out these recipes to make:

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