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IOWA CITY, IA — The University of Iowa continues to attract high-achieving students.

This fall’s incoming first-year class has topped previous records with an average high school grade-point average (GPA) of 3.82. The average high school GPA for the classes of 2025 and 2024 were 3.81 and 3.78, respectively.

It is also the third-largest incoming first-year class on record at 5,178 students, after 5,643 in the fall of 2016 and 5,241 in the fall of 2015.

“We are so excited to welcome these newest Hawkeyes, a large and accomplished class full of energy and new perspectives,” says UI President Barbara J. Wilson.

“We’ll make sure they have the extraordinary opportunities they deserve as we continue to make progress on our university priorities: student, faculty, and staff success; transformational research and discovery; diversity, equity, and inclusion; holistic well-being for our campus stakeholders; and public engagement and impact. I can’t wait to make this year another great one for the University of Iowa.”

University of Iowa
OnIowa Convocation Class of 2026 – Credit: University of Iowa

At 5,178, the Class of 2026 has 657 more students than last year’s incoming first-year class.

About 21% of the class (1,063) are first-generation students, and about 20% (1,061) identify as African American, American Indian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Asian, Latinx/a/o, or two or more ethnicities.

Sarah Hansen, vice president for student life, says the Hawkeye spirit is as vibrant as ever in the newest student cohort.

“I can already tell that the Class of 2026 is going to be an exceptionally engaged class and that they will quickly make their mark on campus,” she says.

“They participated in On Iowa! programming in record numbers and are demonstrating their commitment to being a part of the Hawkeye community already. We are so happy they chose us-the UI sense of community is second to none, and we are all here to help them succeed within and beyond the classroom.”

About 54% of the incoming first-year class (2,777) are Iowa residents, and about 1% (55) are international students. The class represents 92 of Iowa’s 99 counties, 45 U.S. states and territories (as well as Washington, D.C., and bases for the U.S. Armed Forces), and 40 countries.

“We know when prospective students see our campus in person, meet our faculty and staff, and experience our downtown, Iowa jumps to the top of their list of schools,” says Brent Gage, associate vice president for enrollment management.

“This incoming class is a testament to our university’s collective effort to safely host campus visit programs despite the pandemic.”

This year, 21,973 undergraduates are enrolled at University of Iowa.

About 45% of University of Iowa’s students identify as male, about 55% as female.

Graduate students total 6,156, and professional students total 1,886.

Total undergraduate, graduate, and professional enrollment is 30,015 students.

Additionally, University of Iowa has 1,302 postgraduate scholars (medical residents and postdoctoral students).

Racine County students at University of Iowa


  • Kylie Welker, with an open major

Mount Pleasant

  • Allison Drdak, with an open major


  • Melissa Jester, majoring in Mathematics
  • Benjamin Reynolds, majoring in Pre-Business


  • Kelsi Schicker, majoring in Pre-Dentistry

To learn more about the Class of 2026, click here.

About the University of Iowa

As a top global university, Iowa is the ideal destination for learning, discovery, and innovation. We bring art and science together to create a truly unique interdisciplinary education. With over 200 areas of study to choose from, students are encouraged to mix and match majors, minors, and certificates to earn a degree that reflects their unique interests.

From inside our world-class medical center to the most prestigious creative writing program in the U.S., students have access to quality academic support and are equipped with the tools they need to stand out in a competitive workforce.

Our 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows students to work directly with experts in their field while earning valuable, practical skills. Our campus seamlessly blends into the heart of downtown Iowa City, making it easy to access academic resources and belong to a larger, welcoming community.

With over 500 student organizations, clubs, and communities on campus, and countless in-town events scheduled throughout the year, Iowa makes it easy to build a network of friendships and connections that last a lifetime.

To learn more about the University of Iowa, click here.


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