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CALEDONIA — The Caledonia Police Department shared a roundup of police reports from the week of Sept. 14 – 20, there were 381 calls for service. This included 116 traffic stops and 12 accidents.

The Caledonia Police Department made five arrests for OWIs. There were four first offenses, one was a 3rd offense, and one was from a hit-and-run accident.

Caledonia Police Department roundup

The following seven incidents are examples of encounters that the Caledonia Police Department responded to according to their Facebook post.

Sept. 14

A Caledonia Police officer was flagged down by a pedestrian at 8:30 a.m. on Nicholson Road/Dunkelow Rd. The subject reportedly had been given a ride to his new job by a co-worker. CPD reports that “he was immediately fired from the job as he arrived intoxicated. He was given a ride back to the City of Racine.”

Sept. 16

The Caledonia Police Department stopped a vehicle for speed at 12:40 a.m. at State Highway 38 and Newman Road. When pulled over, the driver immediately requested to be let off with a warning. The Sargent reviewed the driver’s file. According to the department, this individual had 17 traffic offense convictions in a 3-year period and included several warning letters for being a habitual traffic offender. The driver did have a valid driver’s license but was uninsured.

According to the police department, the driver said the reason he was speeding was that the “car has some type of issue where it ‘jerks’,” and he was accelerating to fix the problem.

The driver was cited for 77 mph in a 45 mph zone and reckless driving along with a warning to change their driving habits.

Sept. 17

Officers from the Caledonia Police department responded to a call around 8 p.m. at Jellystone Campground. They received a call about a stolen iPhone.

The phone was located by using the “Find my iPhone” feature and was located in the possession of a minor at the campground.

The owner of the phone did not press charges for the theft. The CPD also shared that the “juvenile was counseled on his actions.”

Sept. 17

Just before 3 p.m., an adult was dropped off at the Ascension All Saints Emergency Room with an injury to his upper arm, in the form of a gunshot wound. Caledonia Police Department reported that the investigation showed the subject had been driven by a family member on Four Mile Road with the self-inflicted injury.

The Caledonia Police Department stated that the investigation is ongoing and that they believed “the subject was playing with the gun when it discharged.”

Sept. 18

The homeowner at the 66000 Block of Cliffside Court reported to the Caledonia Police Department that there was an unknown subject trying to push open his back door. The incident occurred at 11 p.m. according to the department. When he was unsuccessful, he went back to his car and began driving away.

Likewise, the department reported that the vehicle was stopped and marijuana, paraphernalia and other drugs were found.

The Caledonia Police Department found this individual to be a 35-year-old male from Racine. They gave a PBT sample of .322% and failed Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. He was arrested for his 3rd OWI offense.

Sept. 18

A landlord called to report that a tenant had moved out, abandoning several animals at the 4300 Block of Kennedy Drive. Among the deceased animals was a snake, hedgehog, ferret, and bearded dragon. There was a cat was found alive at the residence. The former resident was taken to jail on charges of Animal Neglect causing death per CPD.

Sept. 19

A vehicle was stopped in the 5200 block of Douglas Avenue for a traffic violation and was found to have MDMA in the form of brightly-colored pressed pills in a clear plastic baggie. The vehicle’s owner admitted that they were their pills and was arrested for Possession with Intent to Deliver MDMA/Ecstasy.

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