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This October, BONK! will be celebrating Hispanic History Month on Saturday, Oct. 15, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Central time). The event will be held on Zoom webinar and streamed on Facebook Live at the BONK! Facebook page. Curated and hosted by Esteban Colon to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, BONK! will also feature spoken word artists Emilio Maldonado and Janice V Rodriguez. For more information visit the BONK! website.

Emilio Maldonado is a poet and performer born and raised in Chicago’s concrete jungle, where streets bury streets. As a world traveler with familial roots in Mexico, he writes for the world, the everyman, with poems also layered in the collisions of culture, music and the late-night streets of anywhere alone.

Emilio Maldonado
Janice V Rodriguez

Janice V Rodriguez is a Chicago-based entrepreneur, comedian and storyteller. When not building an unnecessary spreadsheet or micromanaging others, she is performing her unique brand of standup. When she’s on stage, her goal is to bring a fresh perspective to topics related to her Latina culture, Indiana upbringing, and her professional and personal lives.

Esteban Colon is the Poet Laureate Emeritus of Kenosha Wisconsin (2018 – 2019). He has been writing and performing poetry most of his life. Many of those poems appear in Hell Creek, Things I Learned the Hard Way, and Whispered “Soliloquy’s.”

Esteban Colon

About BONK!

BONK! exists to bring healing, justice, equity, joy, connection, and quality of life to the Racine community and beyond, through a variety of educational and community-building initiatives, including a world-class performing arts series. This series showcases poets, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and all sorts of talent in between. Founded in the fall of 2008, the BONK! series has been running with an event every month for over thirteen years now and is made possible by The Racine Public Library, the Racine Community Foundation, the Osborne and Scekic Family Foundation, the Friends of the Racine Public Library, and Olde Madrid restaurant.

For more information about BONK!, you can visit the BONK! website, contact Alex Reilly at 262-989-2930 or email them at

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