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RACINE COUNTY — Thanks to a donation by the Union Grove Masonic Temple, a life-saving fire suppression tool now will travel with Racine County Sheriff’s Department deputies as they patrol the Village of Union Grove.

The donated tool, designed by Fire Suppression Solutions, was presented to the Sheriff’s Department on Saturday.

Deputies will use the non-pressurized and compact tool manually, according to a press release. About eight seconds after its activated, an aerosol mist is generated, which then expands and can fill up a space up to 5,300 cubic feet for about 35 seconds.

Fire suppression tool

When that happens, the bond between heat and oxygen molecules is interrupted and the flames are suppressed, the release states. The tool is capable of reducing the temperature in a structure – up to 1,000 degrees – and can prevent back-drafts without removing any oxygen from potential victims.

Through their generous donation, the Masons have once again shown they live by their core values: to demonstrate a way of life that promotes charity and community involvement to improve the lives of others. This ‘Fire Suppression Tool’ will be yet another piece of state-of-the-art equipment that highly trained deputies will have at their disposal to save lives and property.

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling

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