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A new business in the heart of Downtown Racine offers an in-store experience unlike any other store in the area. Black Wick is the newest candle and soap creation company in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Black Wick
The storefront where Black Wick currently resides. – Credit: Black Wick

Sweet aromas fill the air at 320 Main St. Currently, they are open seven days a week, however, the schedule is subject to change.

With every candle poured, guests are entertained with a fun experience and leave with a gift that keeps on giving. When making your own soap, you’re left with lasting memories and a one-of-a-kind bar to wash your hands with.

Business owners, Debbie and Desirea Morre felt inspired to open Black Wick after visiting a candle creation company that encourages you to do it yourself (DIY) in the Chicagoland area.

“We were kicking around the idea of doing something. Racine doesn’t have anything like that,” says Debbie.

Therefore, with the desire to provide affordable entertainment, Black Wick was born.

The DIY process

Those who visit their storefront for a mother-daughter day, a girls’ night out, or even a bachelorette party are invited to get creative by making their own candles and soaps.

Attendees are welcome to design and create their own signature scent. Candlemakers start by choosing 10 scents and narrow it down to three. Makers can also select a vessel of their choosing.

The large candle (12 ounces) is $35 and the small candle (7 ounces) is $25. The large soap molds are $8 each and the smaller soap molds are $5 each.

“We want our customers to be able to come in and enjoy doing something and being out in the community, but we didn’t want to hurt their pocketbooks,” expresses Debbie.

Black Wick
Make-your-own candles can be a real treat. – Credit: Black Wick

Soaps follow a very similar creation process. Along the way when creating your project is a helping hand from Debbie or her daughter.

“The only thing we do is we just pour your wax,” says Debbie.

The process is completely individualized to fit your desire.

After the wax is poured, “when the candles are about 90% set, you can add in some dried flowers or some crystals on top,” says the Black Wick owner.

The drying process takes approximately two hours to complete.

“We offer you could go walk around downtown, shop, or go get something to eat and come back to pick it up, or you can come back the next day and get it,” says Debbie.

Additional offerings

To make the experience more enjoyable, Black Wick offers a Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) special.

“If you wanted to make it a girls’ night, six of you come in and make candles, you can bring champagne, we provide glassware, a chiller, and a corkscrew,” notes Debbie.

Black Wick
Options await you at Black Wick for your unique candle-making experience. – Credit: Black Wick

Additionally, Black Wick is available for private parties and other events.

“If somebody wanted to, we also offer to host a vendor event, where direct sales vendors or crafters, who maybe want to host an event but don’t have any space to do so.”

Black Wick will rent their store out for a fee. The renter will get full use of the store including tables, chairs, and the ability to bring in refreshments.

Contact the store by visiting its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Email to book your event or call 262-456-1643. Walk-ins and reservations are welcome.

Upcoming Event

Want to check out the business? Black Wick invites the community to attend their “Letters to Santa with Mrs. Claus” event on Dec. 3. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., children and their families are welcome to write letters to Santa Claus.

“Mrs. Claus herself will be in the store to help the kids write letters,” says Debbie.

People are welcome to attend the event, make candles or soaps if they want to, or enjoy the spirit of the season with this local business.

Store Tour

Watch below and be taken on a tour through Black Wick in Downtown Racine.

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