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RACINE COUNTY — Election Day has come and gone for the midterm 2022 races. While we wait for the votes to be counted, here’s a look around Racine County polling locations from Racine County Eye reporters.

Racine County Eye owner, Denise Lockwood and journalist Paul Holley hit the streets to capture our county at the polls.

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At the polls

Late afternoon voter traffic was steady at the Racine Bible Church polling site, 12505 Spring St., Mount Pleasant. – Credit: Paul Holley
The parking lot was nearly full late afternoon Tuesday at the Caledonia Village Hall polling site, 5043 Chester Lane. – Credit: Paul Holley
The waiting line to vote at Caledonia Village Hall on Tuesday afternoon ran from the front door and snaked through the lobby. – Credit: Paul Holley
Billboards promising “Record High Turnout” were placed in Racine by an organization called – Credit: Paul Holley
Credit: Denise Lockwood
Credit: Denise Lockwood
Outside Tyler-Domer Community Center, 2301 12th St., Racine – Credit: Paul Holley
A voter ID information flyer – in Spanish – taped outside the Tyler-Domer Community Center. – Credit: Paul Holley
The line to vote ran out the door and into the hall at the Racine Assembly of God Church polling site, 1325 Airline Rd., Mount Pleasant. – Credit: Paul Holley
Credit: Denise Lockwood
Credit: Denise Lockwood

After the polls close

Racine County Democrats watch the election results come in Tuesday night at Pepe’s Pub and Grill, 618 6th St. in Racine:

Credit: Paul Holley
Credit: Paul Holley
Credit: Paul Holley

Racine County Republicans watched from the Delta by Marriott.

Election coverage

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Paul Holley is retired from careers in journalism, public relations and marketing but not from life. These days, he pretty much writes about what he feels like writing. You may contact him directly at:...

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.