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Kitchen flooring trends can change throughout the seasons. However, there are some that remain popular year-round. If you’re looking to update your kitchen floor, it’s worth paying attention to current trends.

Here, top flooring retailer, Stories Flooring, reveals some of the key kitchen flooring trends to follow in 2023 and beyond.

Engineered wood 

Stories Flooring Unit 2 Wortley Business Park Amberley Road Leeds LS12 4BD 01133200223 Credit: Stories Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors are becoming a popular choice for the kitchen. They are known to be more resistant to moisture than solid wood floors. This means that provided they are cleaned up quickly, they can handle daily spills and splashes.

You have a huge amount of choice in terms of design and format. Engineered wood planks come in a variety of finishes and sizes to suit all preferences. Most need to be installed using a tongue and groove method. However, you’ll find some of the newer floors come with click system installation.

One of the main advantages of engineered wood floors is they can be installed with underfloor heating, adding a warm, cozy feel to the kitchen space. They also last for decades when well cared for.

Patterned flooring

Another trend that is proving to be popular this year is patterned flooring. This includes Herringbone and Parquet, alongside more retro designs. Homeowners want to achieve a bold, eye-catching look. Whether you are looking for a retro or a more sophisticated finish, there is a patterned floor to suit you.

Some flooring ranges allow you to mix and match between the different collections. This allows you to create a fully bespoke kitchen floor design.

Stories Flooring Unit 2 Wortley Business Park Amberley Road Leeds LS12 4BD 01133200223 Credit: Stories Flooring

Eco-friendly flooring

Whatever style of flooring you’re searching for, make sure it is eco-friendly. As Global warming becomes an increasing threat to the planet, it is crucial we do our part to help. Eco-friendly flooring is set to become a major trend moving forward. So, what is it?

Eco-friendly flooring can refer to flooring that has been created in a sustainable manner. It can also mean the floor is recyclable and hygienic. Manufacturers are beginning to pay more attention to the way they process and source their materials. For example, wood flooring manufacturers are taking materials from sustainable forests.

By choosing eco-friendly flooring, you will be doing your part to help protect the world against Global warming.

Light-colored flooring

Kahrs Artis Flooring Stories Flooring Unit 2 Wortley Business Park Amberley Road Leeds LS12 4BD 01133200223 Credit: Stories Flooring

In terms of color, light floors are proving especially popular in 2023. Whitewashed, light grey and light honey-toned floors are a great choice. They help to add character while brightening up the space.

Large planks and tiles

Large planks and tiles are also a key kitchen flooring trend this year. Helping to give the kitchen a more spacious feel, larger format planks are also easy to install. As the planks are larger, there are fewer of them in comparison to standard-sized packs. This means you’ll find these floors quick to install and easy to handle.

These are some of the main kitchen flooring trends to consider in 2023. If you want to incorporate all the trends into one, you could choose a large plank, engineered wood, parquet, light-colored floor. Or keep it simple by focusing on just one trend at a time.

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