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Racine’s very own singing star, Liamani Segura, is working to ensure that this holiday season her neighbors know that Santa Does Exist.

For the second year, the 14-year-old musician is using her platform to drive donations to Santa Does Exist. The cause near and dear to her heart gives back to families in need by providing them with Target gift cards around Christmastime.

Get to know Liamani:

“It’s just so important to me to give back to my community because it is who’s behind me and it is supporting me. It’s definitely important to remain humble and kind to everyone in my community because they’re the ones that started me, this is where I started. This is my hometown,” says Segura.

Jessie Booker, the founder of the giveaway, started the project eight years ago. Within that span of time, he and numerous donors have helped ease financial burdens for over 200 families, tallying up over $50,000 worth of monetary donations.

“This is her (Liamani’s) second year being an official partner, but her family has supported the cause for the entire time,” says Booker.

Bringing us together

Booker runs Rapcine, a movement that brings people together beyond music. Connections through this group are also bringing Racine business and organizations together to help neighbors in need.

Businesses and organizations such as Envy Fits and Fashion, Creative Flex Studios, Urban Legends, Valid Kixx, Mrs. Betty’s Kitchen, Gilmore Fine Arts PTA, Rebel Youth Football, DW Fence, and many others have also made significant contributions.

Helping neighbors in need

“It’s from the community for the community,” says Liamani’s father, Anthony Segura.

Profits raised through Santa Does Exist benefit community members in the Racine area. These individuals will receive $250 to use at Target. If you contribute at least $20, you are able to nominate a family.

Liamani Segura and founder of Santa Does Exist, Jessie Booker, come together for peace and positivity. – Credit: Rapcine Facebook page

“No donation is too small. Every single dollar counts,” says the founder. “You can actually see the impact of your donations, you can track the progress, you can actually reach out and touch an individual family or the person in need, that you know. You can watch them celebrate the success of this campaign and you can watch the community celebrate the success of this,” by giving to the Santa Does Exist fundraiser.

Giveaway makes impact

Donations are being collected until Dec. 19 and on Dec. 22 gift cards will be distributed to the recipients at Target, 5300 Durand Ave.

People are welcome to shop on the day of the giveaway or whenever they’d like with their gift card.

Booker will be present, along with other supporters to distribute the funds. Unfortunately, Liamani, will be wrapping up filming and won’t make it back for the giveaway. She currently stars as ‘Emmy’ in Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Last year, Segura was able to attend the event with her family. This year, she will be there in spirit. Regardless of where she is, she’s watching the impact unfold, year after year.

Ways to donate

Credit: Rapcine Facebook page

“Santa Does Exist is a beautiful gift. It brings so many smiles, happiness, joy and love in our community every single year and I love that,” expresses the young actress.

“People might be nervous or scared to reach out to someone or even say to someone that they know might need help this Christmas. This is a way to anonymously receive.”

Donations can be made through their GoFundMe page.

Additionally, donations can be made through Paypal or Cash App. If you’d like to pay with Paypal, click here or pay @jaynovel. To use Cashapp, use this link or pay @$rapcine to make a donation. Contact Jesse Booker on Facebook with questions.

Not from Racine?

“I’m so proud to be from Racine. You don’t hear much about Racine, so to have gotten so big and known – out of Racine is so huge to me. I’m just so proud to say that I live in Racine,” says the 14-year-old.

However, if you aren’t from Racine, you can choose to still make a donation, or better yet, start giving in your own community.

“I would love to use my platform to spread the word about Santa Does Exist,” says Segura.

The community behind the mission wants this opportunity to reach people outside of the county lines. They hope that through these efforts, people everywhere are inspired and start giving in their own communities.

“If you believe in abundance, this can be done anywhere, in every community, and it can make an impact worldwide,” says Booker. “This does not need to be the only Santa Does Exist. This can happen in every single community, every holiday.”

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