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The Veteran Market at Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin is working to ensure that veterans have food on their tables this holiday season. With the potential help of the community, the nonprofit is striving to give away 250 boxes of holiday meals to veterans in Wisconsin.

The nonprofit secured meals for veterans this past Thanksgiving. Now, they are striving to giveback again during Christmastime to veterans.

Help for heroes

“It’s open to any veterans and surviving spouses, which always includes the village,” says Steffane Timm, Veteran Market Director and Army Veteran.

The Veteran Market at VOW serves 40 to 50 veterans or surving spouses per day. Timm reports that this year overall they’ve served 306 individual households.

“A lot of people still look at this as a food pantry and to me, and even to the veterans that come here, it’s more than that,” says Timm.

The market has become a place for veterans to connect with other veterans. Timm explains on Tuesdays, a group of veterans will receive their items from VOW and then choose to sit and talk with each other for hours.

The market has become a safe space for veterans in need. Timms even noted that the staff at VOW are all veterans as well.

“We’ve created a family here and to be able to provide an entire Thanksgiving meal and a Christmas meal is it’s just it’s really it’s really special,” expresses the director.

Veterans can sign up for the holiday boxes at the market. Need help getting resources? Contact the nonprofit.

Donations needed at Veteran Market

The Veteran Market is looking for donations including:

  • Hams
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Cans of green beans
  • Corn bread/muffin mix
  • Gravy
  • Mashed potatoes mixes
  • Potatoes

“We have such a family here that every time we give out one of these boxes, it feels like we’re part of celebrating their holiday. It’s not just passing off a box and it’s just another face, this is my family that we’re giving meals to,” says Timms.

Other donations are needed for their market as well, view a list of donations needed here.

Donations can be made at the 24/7 drop box on the west side of building, 1609 Yout St., with non-perishable food items.

Have questions? Reach out to the director by contacting Steffane Timm at Want to volunteer? Contact her for that, too.

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